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TOPIC: Tremors

Tremors 22 Jul 2019 14:27 #60892

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Has anyone had success for tremors?

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Tremors 24 Jul 2019 06:15 #60899

Searching for "tremors" on this forum, I got 16 hits.
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Tremors 31 Jul 2019 02:46 #60956

Kwrightelb wrote: Has anyone had success for tremors?

Sure does help us to help you if you write in more detail.

Muscle "Twitching" can be a sign of Magnesium deficiency - tremors could be lead poisoning and many other things
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Tremors 31 Jul 2019 09:17 #60963

hello there ' I used to shake alot from multipul systems atrophy . Now only when under pressure or excited. Like the other day when i told the new dr." i aint taking no damn statins for my vegitarian non gmo diet , why would i take something that eats my good cholesteral 'i love my brain ". My cholestreral is fine as the other Dr. a naturopath just told me when i tested for stuff . One arm and hand will shake way more than the other. I went into the dr. office smooth. lol. I still have resting tremors you cant see though. But way more smoother !! I used to cog bad too !!!! Dystonia too though. Actually i did a calcium hypo deal for 21 days a couple months back . Pill every hour for 6 hours a day but i did did 7 by mistake. lol. Since i forgot how many i rememebr i did one more than needed anyway.. Apparently my ,maths a little off. lol. I've done about 5 rounds over the years though. Doing protocol 1000 for something else now . Urinary kidney infection stuff. The last treatment made it way better too . I started doing maintance too which i never did. So anyway , the last treatment made it much easier to paint my trim 'mi doing forever. Before i did it when i'd put my hand with the paint brush close to was it would start fanning bigtime then stop once i hit the wall. I was amazed. In every body position painting too ! 3 days of painting last week and one time barely a fan nothin Really . woot ! i was on my feet all day yesterday visiting a friend and no shaking,.Normally for some reason telling people my sickness story like right now would make me shake. But i'm typing without shaking , cool ! Before the as soon as i stood i started to shake and got worse the longer i stood. I can see the tremors in my site at times if i move around to fast. But then i cant read till after a few minutes till it calms down.And thats with glass's ,lol. Before i started healing with mms i used trainwreck cannabis , I ate it everyday for 7 years and soothed them out too. Not as good though. As great as a muscle relaxing strong up sativa for a good smooth out and fatique it can be it just cant reverse autonomic stuff and such. Just a band aid. But a good one if nothing else is available !
Well , hope you have good luck , thats a bad word to use really . Its so much more !

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