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TOPIC: Lyme desease (Borreliose)

Lyme desease (Borreliose) 09 Jul 2019 10:17 #60843

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Hi everybody,

has anybody got experience with Borreliose? Can MMS help there?


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Lyme desease (Borreliose) 09 Jul 2019 16:28 #60845

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Lyme desease (Borreliose) 21 Jul 2019 17:34 #60886

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Yes, it really works. But you gotta adress the mucus in the body for it to work 100%.

So, what you gotta do is, start a mucusless diet. A diet that does not produce mucus in the body-
Do take MMS + DMSO for a time, and then take MMS1 + MMS 2 , and one week the the one , then other week do the other.

Get some serrapeptase if you can, it disolves the mucus. DMSO also disolves the mucus. MMS 2 from my experience has a better ability to enter in mucus zones.
Do enemas, do baths, do ear drops.
Do some fasting + mms (while fasting, make sure instead of mms you use cds if possible, and make sure as well that you dont move from your couch or waste energy, you gotta be resting and doing nothin.
This will reduce the mucus in your body.

Also you need to get some bentonite clay to adress any fungus growing in your intestines. You follow the mold/fungus protocol described in the jim humble bood of mms health and recovery guidebook.
Because as Jim said, fungus is inmune to oxidators, as mms, so bacteria hide in there cuz they are safe. Once you get out the fungus, they have no place to hide, and are more exposed. + funugs in the intestines gives you permeability of the intestines, and you dont want that, is a health issue to adress by itself.

Also you need to get mimosa pudica seeds. These throw out parasites very well when combined with mms oral and enema at the same time ( like you take oral mms and then the mimosa pudica seeds, and then you have a enema with mms, and parasites get out easily) microbeformulas.com/pages/about-microbe-formulas these guys talk about it.
If you dont throu out the parasites outta your body, these will be there, and lyme bacteria will infect them , and evendo you are lyme free, these fuckers will keep reinfecting you till you dont get them outta

I also was thinking of trying molecular silver for lyme.Is not the same as colloidal silver.
Since lyme disease is a bioweapon, I heard somewhere that molecular silver was the antidote given to accidentally infected people from bioweapons.
So that's something more to consider.

It will take you some time till you feel the effects, but thats normal because chlorine dioxide is 6.7 mg per drop. I mean, is a real potent and effective phatogen killer, but since is so little of a dose, you will need
take it following the protocols and constantly and for a long time to be effective.

I had been dealing with lyme since last year and it worked, but it needs time and to dont stop and good diet.

When you are having the treatment, if you are consistent enough, there will be a point where you experience a big big herxheimer reaction, because the inmunosupression of the borrelia is not longer present, and your body starts fighting back the bacteria and infections in your body, You will feel sick as fuck . Dont stop there, is not the mms, is your body fighting. Lower the dose the most you can so it is tolerable but dont stop there.

I also got a insuline pump and injected subcutaneously mms ( actually CDH) for long times and it was quite effective.

I also did intramuscular inyections in my butt and they were real effective as as well (50 ppm in saline solution of clo2 via CDH) but is not something you can do every day and whenever you want :(

I was planing in IV but still have not tryied it. I think it will be a game changer.

Only thing i worry about is that borrelia bacteria have been proven to get inside the cells. So we need something liposoluble, a antibiotic that can get inside the cell and kill the borrelia there.
I have some hipothesis and when you mix mms+sodium bicarbonate seems to be more effective ( the bicarbonate makes the clo2 to be more liposoluble )
Also some anitbiotic herbs used for lyme, in alcoholic and glycerin tinctures might do the trick. But is something more to consider ( i heard liposomal artemisin does the job )

Fasting is real great so thats to be very into consideration. when you let bacteria be without food, they die more easily. Also take into account that there

Idk if chlorine dioxide afects the gram positive bacteria that are coinfections from lyme. They are like aerobic bacteria? But they still do damage to us since our inmune system is supressed by borrelia? Idk, if some experienced folk could shed some light into this is much apreciated.

I also know people have healed well with rife machines, so that's something more to take into account. They must be used after parasites have flushed and they are not ok if you have morguellons.

Also you need to find some colostrum so to get gcmaf, and recicle it. Or! Buy GcMaf Itself and inyect it ( is somewhat expensive ). There are people that have healed with gcmaf. gcmaf.se

So that's all i know, if somethin more comes to my head I will let you know.

Take care!

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