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TOPIC: Hydrochloric Acid vs Citric Acid

Hydrochloric Acid vs Citric Acid 04 May 2019 18:20 #60466

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I have bought and started using hydrochloric acid as the activator. However, reading the book I am now concerned that citric acid is better, but I am also reading that citric acid is more likely to cause naseua and vomitting. However, I really respect Jim Humble. So when you read the below from the book by Jim Humble you start to worry.

Some people think that hydrochloric acid (the acid in our stomachs) makes the MMS taste better . Maybe it does, but the problem with all those other acids is that they haven’t been used on thousands of people . Each acid produces a different amount of chlorine dioxide for the number of drops used, so there is no way of telling whether you are getting a standard dose each time you take it, or not . Some people think tartaric acid is better . It is readily available in grocery stores . In my opinion it is best to use citric because it’s been used in all the research . We have a better idea of what the outcome is supposed to be . Most acids work . Just don’t use a poisonous acid, especially the hydrofluoric acid I mentioned above. On the other hand, all the research and data from treating thousands of people have been obtained from the use of citric acid . My suggestion is that you always use citric acid because then you always know what to expect – how many seconds to wait and that sort of thing . Why try to re-invent the wheel when thousands of other people have already used citric acid and the results are recorded? You will not know if you are getting what I say you should get if you are using something different than what I suggest . You would be setting up a whole new program of research .

What if it is more effective to use MMS1 with citric acid? What if some of the people not getting results is because they are using hydrochloric acid as the activator and not the Jim Humble approved citric acid. What do you guys think?

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Hydrochloric Acid vs Citric Acid 04 May 2019 23:23 #60467

The quote you have written is from Jim's 2011 book. In his 2016 book he says 4% HCL is the preferred MMS activator. Jim also says in his 2016 book:

"For some (not all) people, citric acid has been known to cause significant stomach upset. Should this be the case, use 4% HCl as an activator for MMS instead of citric acid."

Andreas Kalcker's 2018 book, Forbidden Health - Incurable Was Yesterday, discusses citric acid on page 354:

"Citric acid at 50% is definitely too much. Don't use it over 33% concentration, preferably lower. Besides, citric acid favors the growth of opportunistic bacteria called Citrobacter that feed on the remaining citrate after the reaction. I'm not saying citric acid doesn't work. It merely is outdated and no longer the best choice. In high concentrations, it provokes undesirable effects, while in low concentrations, its reaction is very slow."

If you are ingesting MMS1, which is about 10% activated externally, most of the MMS activation will happen with stomach gastric acids which are mostly HCL.
2 ml of 3000 ppm original CDS equals a 1 drop MMS1 dose in a normal stomach
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Hydrochloric Acid vs Citric Acid 10 May 2019 03:33 #60498

I used MMS 7+ years ago when Citric Acid was the only option known to us. It caused me to have the runs for anything from 1 to 3 days after taking a dose. Having said that I'm certain that I flushed out a lot of bad things.

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