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TOPIC: oxidation potential

oxidation potential 24 Mar 2019 16:23 #60199

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I've seen the table of oxidation potentials: ClO2=0.95V, O2=1.3V, H2O2=1.8V, O3=2.07V.

Can I reduce the oxidation potential of hydrogen peroxide by 50% to get the same biological effect as chlorine dioxide? Would it be safer, better-tasting, or cheaper? I'm not exactly sure how such a thing would be done but a google suggests KI has something to do with it.

In all honesty I want to rule out the possibility that the whole chlorine dioxide thing is just a profit-making gimmick, i.e. H2O2 is super cheap.

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oxidation potential 24 Mar 2019 19:08 #60201

I honestly don't know....
But I do know Potassium Iodide isn't as cheap as Sodium Chlorite, and then you have to deal with mixing it and all.
I also know that many years back, I had some Sodium Chlorite solution spill on a table that had Iodine present. The fumes that came off it made us ill for a few days.
Also honestly, at an average of 20 to 30 bucks for an MMS kit.... usually lasts one person 4 to 6 months. That's not overly high cost.

You have to buy the chorite, have it delivered, time and expertise to mix, testing, bottling, labeling, and pack and ship..... This doesn't even touch the cost of website
Also to get chemical house pricing on the raw material, you have to be approved to store hazardous materials. This means industrial zoning or they won't deliver it. If you store barrels in a commercial or residential zone, just hope the EPA and local Fire Marshall don't find out. If you make it at home, then you aren't selling a whole lot.... there just isn't room....and are probably paying hefty markup on the chlorite.

People seem to think you buy pennies worth of chlorite and make gobs of MMS..... already bottled and labeled..... but like any business, there are costs....
If you are busy.... you need bottling machines, you have to buy labels, you have to buy and ship bottles and boxes... (not cheap as they are bulky)
I use lab grade distilled water.... because distilled water from the grocery store is ozonated.
USP HCl is not super cheap, and organic non GMO citric acid isn't cheap either. The citric acid kits cost more to make, because you use 8 pounds per gallon.

It's a business, and business has overhead. If you have employees, they need to be paid as well, so each unit has labor costs....
Not all of us make this at home, and some of us care a lot about making sure things are done right. Doing things right is more expensive than hucking chinese chlorite in a bucket, and putting it in a hand labeled bottle.
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