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Activ-Ox 29 Aug 2013 18:31 #35631

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Hello Everyone,

This is my first post and by way of intruduction...

I have been using MMS off and on for several years. Mostly I tell others about it and sell them a bottle to fix their problem because I can't stand the taste and don't use it very much! I could tell many, many stories, miracles, of what it has done for others. I have a story too. Very quickly, after more than a year of not being able to open my hand all the way because of extreme pain, and spending hundreds of dollars on food supplements and remedies, which did nothing, after just three weeks on MMS and getting up to 11 drops (old protocol) I was back to slapping hands during "weave the ring" at square dancing. Everybody noticed my hand was better but do you think even one person asked me what I did for it? Told them anyway. Also I milk goats for a living as part of my kefir grains business and it is a good thing the hand closes to milk and you don't have to open it very far or I would have been way out of luck milking goats. That was years ago.

re: the goats. What got me back into researching more about MMS is my goats. Some, very few actually, thank goodness, have tested positive for CAE, which can be crippling arthritis and greatly shortens their calling and career as milk goats. I've been working on that for years, too, studying retro viruses, which CAE is, and spending more hundreds of dollars on herbal remedies and such for these special goats with the problem. Have buried a few and the rest I take their kids away immediately after birth because the virus is spread through colostrum. Some day I'll have a clean herd anyway but in the meanwhile, if I could find a cure for this, it would save the goat world. Well, someone in UK claimed their homeopathic remedy cures CAE even by testing negative. That is quite a claim for homeopathic and I said to my self: Self. if anything is going to kill the CAE virus it will be MMS.

That has been in the back of my mind all this time I was using everything else under the sun for these goats, but since MMS made me feel so bad and tastes so horrible I didn't know how to give it to the goaties. Google led me to dog remedies, then Dr. Ron, who called me and we had a long conversation on how to give it to animals and now here. Patrick Timpone, from oneradionetwork.com, just had Kerri on and also Jim last week. Watched a video featuring Andreas and was very impressed with the idea of CDS. I made some yesterday and am again impressed at how simple it is to make. Testing papers are on their way.

Now for my question...What on earth could Activ-Ox be? Here's the link.


Marilyn Kefirlady

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