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MMS2 and DMSO New Anal Protocol 25 Aug 2013 13:53 #35577

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At the urging of Amanda Mary from the Bulgarian Health Clinic, I'd like to share my experiences with the new enema protocol using MMS2 and DMSO. I currently am battling prostate cancer and have fought it over 3 years now. I initially used High Intensity Frequency Ultrasound (HIFU) to ablate the cancer. However, after 2 treatments the cancer remains. I decided to embark on the MMS protocol on my own but realized I would benefit most by visiting the Bulgarian clinic for 3 weeks. This was a very positive experience and I learned all the protocols including the enema.

The enema protocol with CDS and DMSO was a bit hard for me to get the hang of especially since getting a full liter of liquid up my rectum was a real challenge! :sick: Then maintaining it inside for more than 8 minutes was a battle that would make a grown man sweat bullets! :pinch:

When Mary introduced me to the new MMS2/DMSO protocol I approached it with determination. I have a hard time with MMS2 orally and for some reason the idea of using this powerful stuff where the "sun don't shine" didn't appeal to my inner good self! She assured me that all I needed to do was to dissolve a full 00 capsule in one teaspoon of hot water, add 4 drops of DMSO for 2 minutes and insert for 10 to 20 minutes and that was it. I only needed to do that twice a day. Sounded reasonable actually. One teaspoon is nothing! Heck I could go 20 minutes with a teaspoon any day of the week!

So I got busy and put the MMS2 in a glass and added the hot water. It took forever to dissolve till I realize you need to pulverize the MMS2. Well I was so busy pulverizing and doing my preliminary half liter water enema for clean out, I forgot the dang DMSO. On top of that when I inserted the MMS2 I forgot that I had pinched the rectal wall the day before with the enema wand somehow and so was a bit sore. The result was OUCH! FIRE! :evil: I manned up but 2 minutes was my limit. Whew!

After a couple days of healing I started again. This time I used 1 1/2 teaspoons of hot water and this seemed to allow for the liquid to hold the dissolved MMS2 a bit better. I also remembered to use the DMSO and I'm convinced this tames the MMS2 somewhat and makes it less harsh. This time I was able to keep it in for 10 minutes but I felt like twice a day was a bit much at this point. Later in the day I experienced diarrhea which indicates a detoxing effect to me.

I've maintained this protocol for over a week now, am able to maintain the liquid for 20 minutes and today am feeling up to going to a 2x a day protocol. I've noticed that I become internally sore in the area of suspected cancer after the enema so my sense is that this is going to work very well.

Just a couple hints for those wanting to use this anal protocol. First, I've found the rectal insertion tool/wand or whatever you call it, works better for me if it is rounded at the end. Plenty of lube jell on the wand helps a lot as well. I believe that for men the insertion process may be easier done while kneeling in an upright position. I'm told women find it easier lying down.

Secondly, you can find a kit at your pharmacy for cleaning ears from wax buildup. These kits have a bulb with which to suck up warm water and squeeze into your ear canal. Also the wand in most enema kit comes off of the hose. I wash the wand, suck up the MMS2/DMSO solution with the bulb, insert the bulb exit into the end of the wand and there you have a very easy method of inserting small amounts of liquid. No gravity feed etc. Just insert the wand and squeeze the bulb. Don't stop squeezing the bulb till the wand has exited (that's for those of you from Kentucky) Voila! Protocol done.

One caution. STAY ON THE FLOOR! :side: Your innards just might be having conniptions about the time the liquid starts working. Just squeeze your buttocks and hold on to something. You may want to stay down, in which case some reading material may work. Ladies Home Journal or Popular Mechanics will keep your mind off of things. Well, I use my cell phone so I can read and hold on to something solid if I need to. Anyway, you get my drift. ;)

There you have it folks. Have fun! Health is just around the corner!
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