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MELANOMA 26 Jun 2013 15:43 #34092

I've been to the dermatologist and he told me that I have a neck behind skin cancer.
But not melanoma, I had a basal cell carcinoma.
Suggested to me that he removed from liquid nitrogen, but I refused.
Home I mixed 5 drops of MMS and 5 drops of 50% citric acid and adding distilled water to a total was 1 ml.
So very strong. I've used quite a bit-1/2 drop.
It was a little sore, but I'm the cancer destroyed very quickly.
It was one year ago-a little more.
Today I see over the brow of about 1/5 of quadratic inch stain is very similar to melanoma.
Do you think that I would use therapy that I have implemented one year ago?

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MELANOMA 26 Jun 2013 16:55 #34095

I have melanoma, and recently injected - using an insulin syringe - CDS into 2 small areas on the top of the foot that I suspect are an outbreak of it.

First stung like hell, then I found out, from Michael Harrah's info on injections that they used on an HIV patient from Africa, that one is supposed to raise the pH to around 6.5, using MMS. So, I did that, using pH paper strips, and arrived at a ratio of 5:1, or 5 part of CDS of 3,000 ppm to 1 part of MMS. It still stung, but less.

Now, I am not saying that anyone tries this at home, ha, ha, I just sometimes get a little impatient with this disease.

The injections scorched the area quite badly. It seems they scorched some part of it that apparently dissappeared. The doctor is doing a needle-aspirate biopsy this coming Friday.

Now, the chemistry behind the idea, whether by simple application or even injection, seems to be sound. I have been witness to a melanoma in a similar location of the foot of a lady I know, being 100% destroyed by an injection of diluted hydrogen peroxide. This was done by a doctor I also know. With Hydrogen Peroxide one must be careful because the molecular oxidation potential is 1.75 or so, compared to oxygen at 1.28 and CDS at 0.95, so it can go through tissue easily.

Anyhow, at this point I am ready to apply a blowtorch to it if necessary, just a thought.

I also ordered the famous formerly-known Cancema from Ecuador - black salve or bloodroot - , the same one used in the following video by this person, but it has not arrived yet. It seems that this is the best choice, even better than surgery:

and this one:

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MELANOMA 27 Jun 2013 22:28 #34150

You can you a daily topical of DMSO and CDS to treat this. 5ml CDS and 5 DROPS of DMSO. DO this for a week and if there is no skin irritation up the DMSO to 10 DROPS. Continue till it is gone. You should also start on protocol 1000.

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MELANOMA 28 Jun 2013 15:36 #34166

Amanda, you also do not have experience with such a strong solution of MMS for skin cancer?

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MELANOMA 28 Jun 2013 16:10 #34170

  • AmandaMary
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I would always look at all options. but you have to concider the location and size. If it were located somewhere not shown on a sunny day in a swim suit and is not too large I would say black salve is best. However that is the fastest in my opinion. I would always say to take protocol 1000, that goes without saying, you have to get to the cause, not just the symptom. Zink and CDS have worked well, also CDS and DMSO, if large or in a visual place, such as, the face, as Michelle mentioned CDS and DMSO is what works the best. Please note to use some none vasaline or gell around the surrounding area to protect it. Also it will lighten an eyebrow and hair so just be aware to buy a little eye brow pencil if yours are dark. It leaves no lasting damage by way of scaring. (Tip great for highlights ladies)

in brief:
CDS and MMS topically applied, protocol 1000, parasite cleanse (we cleanse our dogs and pets twice a year but never ourselves) see my previous post on parasite cleanse, it is wonderfull. take at least 1 hour after procol the following in 30 minute intervals between each product. 2 x MSM, 2 x Moringa, 2 x immune boosting herbs and 2 x cancer herbs. You need to hit it from all angles and boost your immune system up so high you will be free of viruses for ever as I am, well so far so good. This is a wonderful protocol and will make you stronger. We have done it so many times and it works. If you need more help Michelle would help you with remote support, she is wonderful and helpful, she could guide you through step by step, i could let you know what is needed by way of product.

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MELANOMA 28 Jun 2013 17:21 #34175

The black salve is a very painful route.....

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