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MMS, will it cure or is it a sham? 22 Jun 2013 03:00 #33987

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As of 2 days ago I started using 3 drops 8 x's a day and I since then have started feeling worse than before. My stomach aches worse than normal, I've lost all appetite, and my skin feels gross all over almost like a flu or flushing feeling.
I'm not sure if this is normal, but feeling worse than I already do is not really a good sign this is going to help me.
I can't help but feel like I'm drinking poison/bleach. It's pretty rancid smelling.

A little background on me and my health:
I've been sick for as long as I can remember, almost 15 yrs now. I've suffered from Panic Attacks since I was about 20 years old and in general have been sick and not feeling good everyday since then. Along with these panic attacks comes antidepressants. I've tried 10+ antidepressants with little or no benefit and reaped all the negative side effects. I'm currently on Cymbalta (been on for again for about 9 months), and all I've gotten from it has been 40 extra lbs.

Unfortunately, due to my daily suffering I had to stop working 2 years ago.

Over the years I've tried to get better with the help of Western and Eastern Medicine, along with alternative treatments such as; cranial sacrial and reiki. All in all I've spent 100k+ over the years.

All my blood tests have come back negative except for slightly elevated liver enzymes, of which drs. haven't been too concerned about. This could easily be explained due to treating my panic attacks with alcohol. I'm stopped drinking March, and you will see why.
In March of this year I was diagnosed with SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacteria Overgrowth), which I thought at the time...FINALLY!!! I actually had something to focus on to try to cure. Since then, I've changed my diet dramatically removing all gluten, starches, and sugar, plus juicing veggies everyday 3-4 x's a day. I couldn't believe my digestion hasn't improved!!! Even this week I haven't gone for 5 days and today I went and it was rock hard.
For the SIBO, the treatment is an antibiotic called Rifaximin twice, each for 14 day. After each treatment my bloating and belly pain has not improved. My Dr. is baffled. He pointed out that if my post nasal drip doesn't stop draining into my belly my SIBO may never be cured.

So here I am, 3 months after my diagnoses, no improvements. Pain still in my belly and stomach, bloating, dizziness everyday all day, back pain that is horrific (of which dr.'s say is myofacial), constantly draining sinuses, and panic attacks.

One of my wife's employees came to hear and told her his wife cured her stomach pains using MMS. I figured I'd give it a shot, along with everything else I've tried, I ordered immediately off of Amazon.

So far my experience has been daunting and I'm reaching out to this community for support.
I'm at my wits end and desperately want to feel better. Everyday I pray my misery ends. I'd rather die while I'm living then live while I'm already dead. PLEASE HELP!

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