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None of the products, protocols or methods here have been approved by Jim Humble or the Genesis II Church. This is the research forum and was set up by the Genesis 2 Church for those wanting to discuss and experiment with MMS, other Church Sacraments and new complimentary technologies. Any experimentation that you personally do is at your own risk. Before anything is submitted to the Church for approval it must be first approved by Jim Humble in writing and posted under his account. The main source for approved material, protocols etc, is in Jim Humble's latest book at http://www.jhbooks.org Each person using this Forum is considered to be completely responsible for themselves and their own personal health. Any experimentation that you personally do is at your own risk.
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TOPIC: Analysis of Andreas Ludwig KALCKER Patent for IV use of Chlorine Dioxide; Patent #: WO2018185346A1

Analysis of Andreas Ludwig KALCKER Patent for IV use of Chlorine Dioxide; Patent #: WO2018185346A1 05 Jun 2020 07:41 #64620

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Andreas Ludwig KALCKER Patent for IV use of Chlorine Dioxide:
Patent #: WO2018185346A1


After reading Andreas' above patent here's what I see as the basic breakdown of IV use. Note that the chlorine dioxide solution was made to be basically pH neutral through the addition of certain components - here is a quote from the patent regarding the pH:

"Especially for injection and infusion solutions, it may be crucial to adjust the pH of the CDL to that of the blood within a range of approximately pH 7.3 - 7.5 to avoid any undesirable effects. For this purpose, a pH regulator, in particular a buffer system, can be added to the CDL. Suitable is a bicarbonate buffer or a phosphate buffer, e.g. PBS, viewed. Although studies in vitro have shown that for some applications a higher or lower pH of the CDL would be beneficial, injection and infusion solutions should focus on compatibility with blood pH."

So after adjusting the pH, here's basically how it was used with human volunteers with Lyme borreliosis:
- 500ml of 50 ppm dripped via IV at a rate of 3 drops per second administered every 4 days for 2 weeks (4 infusions total)
Results: All were cured

For malaria, a plasmodium:
- 200ml of 400 ppm. This was given twice in one day - each dose just 1 hour apart.
Results: All were cured

Other diseases for animals were mentioned in the patent too.

Maybe someone on the forum could do some experiments with baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) or something similar to determine how much is needed to be added to 1000 to 3000 ppm CDS solution to get it to become pH neutral and how much ppm is lost, if any. I'm sure that would be very helpful

May we all be well,
Scott McRae
- I'm Scott McRae, the creator of CDH with the help of CLO2 (Charlotte Lackney)

- I did a CDH injection / Chlorine Dioxide (CLO2) injection / IV push of 10ml of dilute 50ppm CDH / CLO2 into my blood 3 times in 11 hours & did before & after blood tests that showed that it did NO HARM to my blood, liver or kidneys. This suggests the possibility that CDH / CLO2 is a potential LIFESAVING MRSA cure, VRE cure, CRE cure, AMR cure, Ebola cure, HIV cure, Cancer cure, etc., since it appears to be safe intravenously at 50ppm.

- Join our group on MiWi (was deleted off of Facebook): mewe.com/join/coronavirusebolasolutions
- Every ml of CDH contains 1 drop of MMS, so 1 drop of MMS = 1ml of CDH
- MMS is 7 to 10% activated in 30 seconds while CDH made with 4% HCl is about 50% activated in the bottle. This is why CDH is far less nauseating than MMS drops
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