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DMSO: Dimethyl sulfoxide: Ingested or used topically
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Not sure where to apply DMSO 16 May 2024 18:29 #82371

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Hi everyone....I appreciate all the help in this forum.  I have a small, benign pituitary adenoma that I have been told by doctors needs surgery to be removed.  I say BS.  Im convinced through my research that DMSO in combo with MMS or CDS can shrink this.  My question is, I want to start topically with DMSO, where should I apply it?  Since its in my head, should I put it on my temples?  my neck?  I dont think you put it on your head with hair, correct?  I have a 70/30 DMSO with aloe mix and some pure 99.9% liquid...any recommadations of application?  thanks again
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Not sure where to apply DMSO 17 May 2024 11:31 #82379

  • Enoch
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I have rubbed it on my temples often for headaches. It's a good place to start. The neck wouldn't hurt either.
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Not sure where to apply DMSO 18 May 2024 15:58 #82390

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Theoretically, it doesn't matter where you apply DMSO.
Wherever you apply it, whether topically or orally-drinking,
it IMMEDIATELY shoots throughout your whole body.

I did the "Butter Test" decades ago, where you apply a bit of DMSO
to your finger tip, and then touch some butter / margarine, and
I immediately tasted the butter.

Also, do not forget that "MMS" is not JUST MMS1/CD/CDS, it is also
MMS2, Calcium Hypochlorite, which, according to
Jim Humble's "MMS Health Recovery Guidebook",
is the "Advanced Illness Protocol", and used to be called the
"Cancer Protocol" before they found out it works for so many
"egregious" illnesses and diseases.

I started getting much better results when I started taking
MMS2 with MMS1.

I always suggest people follow Jim's protocols, +/-.
NOTE: Any and all information supplied in online or offline communications that pertains to,
mentions, replies to inquiries about, and/or involves a discussion of, the information on my website,
ASpoonfulOfMedicine.com, falls under the Disclaimer on my website.

CHP – The Clean Health Protocol

You will find info there regarding Jim Humble's "MMS Health Recovery Guidebook".
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Not sure where to apply DMSO 16 Jun 2024 22:30 #82689

  • GabbyHayes
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In reply to your question: where to put DMSO on your body?

The fleshy parts of your body are best.   Upper legs, calves, stomach, upper arms & lower arms, especially the underside.  Also I put it on my feet.  Anywhere that has blood vessels.

This is a previous post of mine explaining my method:

I did a search for protocol 3000, since that is what I am doing presently and looking for others who are doing this protocol to see how they are doing.
I have altered that protocol to make it more user friendly.  Doing it every hour for 8 hours a day is nearly impossible and still be able to get anything else done.  Therefore I changed it around a bit.  Instead of 8 times a day - I do 4 times a day; once every two hours in the morning; typically 8:30 am and 10:30 am.   I have lunch at noon.   Then resume again in the afternoon typically 1:30 and 3:30 pm.   During all these hours - after breakfast, through out the day until about 5 pm I do not use any supplements that are deemed "antioxidants".  However during my  "off hours", I use antioxidants freely, including lemon in my drinking water.

The other part of protocol 3000 that I changed is the amount of drops used.  Here is my formula:
Chlorine Dioxide: I began with 10 drops and have worked up to 15 drops with 20 drops as my ultimate strength.
To the chlorine dioxide I add about 10 drops of water.  And then I had about 3 squirts of DMSO.

And here is my schedule:  rub it into different areas of my body for 3 days;  then take ONE day off; Then 3 more days on.
That gives me 6 active days of MMS 3000 protocol each week, always with one day off in between 3 days on.

The original protocol calls for 10 drops/ 8 times per day for 4 days; then 3 days off.   That amounts to 332 drops total.   At 15 drops/ 4 times/day for 6 days = 360 drops.

As to skin irritation.  My first applications seemed to burn my skin a bit.  Especially places with little meat on them, such as chest, shins, tops of arms.   However after giving them time to heal, I have found the DMSO is not giving me any trouble whatsoever.  I am using Aloe Vera skin lotion on my arms to offset the dryness effect.  It works great!

I would really love to hear from anyone else using this protocol and what kind of results they are getting.
All the best,   Gabby

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