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DMSO: Dimethyl sulfoxide: Ingested or used topically
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TOPIC: Solved. Not allergic reaction

HELP Possible allergic reaction? 20 Oct 2019 23:37 #61561

Okay. Let's see how I start writing this. On September 11, I was diagnosed with a cerebral aneurysm. My neurosurgeon recommended me to have surgery with the stent. In order to have the surgery, it was necessary that I was taking aspirin and plavix a week before. I was allergic to aspirin, so I had to first go through a process of desensitization to aspirin to take it. The process went well and after that I was able to take aspirin (325mg) without any problem. But they told me that it was necessary not to fail taking aspirin because if I failed for a week, the allergic reactions could return. Then they put me on plavix 75mg. The surgery was a success and now I am taking both medications. Unfortunately I arrived from the hospital with my throat very affected by the tubing. I was doing throats with MMS1 and I got better. Unfortunately my husband apparently got a virus or infection in the hospital and was with a very bad cold. A few days later, I started feeling bad. And I returned with the gargleswith MMS1 but unfortunately I did not improve and my throat was quite irritated. I did not take MMS1 orally for fear of my stent and through an interaction with my other medications. After days of suffering with my throat, from drinking hot water with lemon and honey, I began to take MM1 orally, my symptoms did not improve and my throat felt worse. Desperate, I decided to take a risk and I started to gargle with DMSO (1 drop of MMS with 3 of DMSO). My throat improved but yesterday I noticed many like pimples on my skin and we thought it could be a virus and today after making gargles once with the aforementioned mixture. My skin started to itch and I got a rash. Please check the attached pictures. We did not know what to do, we did not know if was a virus or an allergic reaction, my husband used protocol of MMS for the skin with a drop of dmso and gave massage in the area. I have fear that the dmso interacted with the aspirin and I got an allergic reaction from the aspirin so I decided to take an an antihistamine. The itching improved and the rash in the area improved, now it just looks redder. I had previously used the dmso on the skin without any problem. I am quite worried. I'm worried that I had a bad interaction with the other medications and that tomorrow when I take my dose of aspirin, the allergic reactions will return. Maybe it was stupid what I did but I really was quite desperate with my throat


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Solved. Not allergic reaction 24 Oct 2019 23:07 #61572

I went today to my doctor, is not an allergic reaction. My doctor says is Scabies.
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Solved. Not allergic reaction 25 Oct 2019 07:40 #61573

mmstestimonials.co/component/search/?searchword=Scabies&searchphrase=all&Itemid=101 (10 results)

From Andreas Kalcker's latest book, Forbidden Health on pages 321-322:

"Scabies is a skin disease caused by the mite 'Sarcoptes scabiei.' It's transmitted by direct contact with animals and infected individuals. It's not a dangerous infection and is very common all over the world, across all age groups. Symptoms: Severe itchiness, and a skin rash with red bumps, blisters, or little burrows with scabs on the skin.

Appropriate treatment, in this case, would be Protocol L (bath) or as an alternative Protocol G (gas in a large bag). We can also use grapevine ash mixed with oil on the most affected areas."
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