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DMSO: Dimethyl sulfoxide: Ingested or used topically
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Eating while taking MMS & DMSO 18 Jan 2018 11:21 #57354

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So I was thinking, is it safe to consume DMSO while eating?

Currently I use MMS while fasting, I do intermittent fasting anyway - months before I even started with MMS, and overall it feels great, but I was wondering if DMSO is safe to consume while eating in between the doses? because I might want to take MMS + DMSO and eat in between, reason is, that I can't pour DMSO every 1 hour during my job, but I'm able to use MMS during my job as it is allows a me to carry it in a daily bottle, with DMSO it's totally not the case.
So I thought to consume MMS + DMSO after my job, usually when I'm eating.

So what you guys think? is it ok to eat while on DMSO? it won't hurt my brain? because I might eat food that contain harmful bacteria, pesticides & who knows what else...

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Eating while taking MMS & DMSO 06 Jan 2023 10:42 #77351

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i have been searching for the  same answer. any help out there

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Eating while taking MMS & DMSO 07 Jan 2023 07:54 #77370

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I try to not take, drink, or eat anything when "using DMSO".

Other than MMS/CDS/CD/ClO2 and "clean water". (preferably STEAM Distilled water)
(I would NOT, for example, consume city or well water with DMSO, just to be safe)

However, IN MY OPINION, the DMSO is most probably fairly quickly taken into the body
upon CONTACT, and PROBABLY does not "linger" for any amount of time.
From what I've read, I think that is how it works.

That is, it does not have to be "digested" by your stomach or gastrointestinal tract,
and most likely never even "makes it that far", except, I suppose in minute quantities,
if that, except in the sense that it "immediately" shoots throughout your body in
whatever biological mechanism is used to achieve that "miraculous" feat.
(supposedly taking things like MMS along with it for the ride)

So I would THINK that you could eat or drink something not too long after taking
DMSO and it wouldn't be a problem.
5 minutes? I think 10 minutes should be pretty safe?
15 minutes should be very safe. (?)

But I don't have any reference or sources that state anything one way or another.

Maybe someone else does.
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