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DMSO: Dimethyl sulfoxide: Ingested or used topically
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TOPIC: mms spray and dmso

mms spray and dmso 09 May 2014 06:36 #44199

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hi my mom has just started taking mms1 .as she has secondary lung cancer and maybe brain cancer because she suffers from huge headatches and nausea she is on oxygene all the time.
i have dmso 99% and mms1 .will try to sepray it on her back to retch her lungs.can i do the sepray directely on her head .
..can it reduce heavy pain ?does it have same side effects? (nausea headatche as my mom had it with protocol 1000)so i can do something to prevent .and if she takes cortison or adol at the hospital everyday does it kill the protocol?

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mms spray and dmso 11 May 2014 02:14 #44261

  • Rev Glenda
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Jim has said that DMSO when used with MMS - carries MMS deeply and past the BBB (blood Brain Barrier) - can destroy clots in the brain. He also says that it banishes pains - He also says that you can mix a spray of MMS and DMSO- be sure its activated MMS. See protocol 3000 for using on the skin - (go to the top of the forum and click on Protocols), it will show you how to make up MMS & DMSO to rub on skin. Jim recommends using 70% DMSO , but I believe in a post by Pam she said you could dilute the 99% down with DW (distilled water). Maybe Pam will respond to this too.

Can your mother do a tub bath? you can put MMS in the tub and help get more MMS in her - Just DO NOT PUT DMSO in the tub.\

As far as the medications - she shouldn't be taking them at the same time as the MMS. Allow time between them.
Michael Harrah said

Cortisone and MMS Immune system : There should be no problem with cortisone. We are not aware of any negative drug interactions.

Your Mom is still on a protocol isn't she? She has cancer, so she should be on the cancer protocol (Protocol 2000). since your Mom has nausea, have her take small doses and gradually work up. Also it has been recommended to prevent nausea, that she could eat something before her dose - applesauce or an apple has been known to really help.

Hope this helps - Just don't give up!. Keep on keeping on! Remember you are NOT alone!
Be blessed - Glenda
Be Blessed! I am! :cheer: God & MMS have healed my "Lil Scot" !
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mms spray and dmso 24 May 2014 09:54 #44655

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Hey Glenda,
Im a little confused with two things.

First i read (Im doing protocol 1000 with the 3 drops) that you can add one drop of dmso , after activating the 3 drops of mms. You would then add 1 drop of DMSO and fill the glass with a couple ounces of water. Please confirm if this is correct. adding the dmso after activating the MMS.

The second is the spray. I have the "bottle" of dmso which is 99.99% pure. I looked at your post for skin care but it doesnt say the amount? i looked at the protocol 3000 and it talks about spraying dmso. I was wondering how to spray my dmso over the mms spray that i have made for my skin. You say use 70% , i have 99%. How many drops do i use in relation to water for the dmso? is it made the same way? I see also you say to rub it in my skin. Do you mean rub straight dmso on the area ? mine is 99 percent.

Just trying to understanding how to make the dmso for the spray. I also want to confirm if i add 1 drop of DMSO to my activated 3 drops of mms and then add water or add the dmso in the activated dmso and then add water?

Thank you
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