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CDS - Chlorine Dioxide Solution: Chlorine dioxide gas put in water
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CDS and Scleroderma (Auto-Immune) 07 Sep 2023 17:03 #79878

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I am a newbie here and I am looking for support.  
Last year, April 2022, I found myself struggling with a disease that was later diagnosed as Diffuse Cutaneous Systemic Sclerosis/Scleroderma and Raynaud's Phenomena.  I have been thrown into the Western Medicine before I could get a real grip on what was happening to me.  I have been healing myself with Alternative Medicine as well as Western Medicine and I have been working on finding the balance. 

I have been reading: MMS Health Recovery Guidebook and Forbidden Health as well as on Telegram support groups and I found this forum.  But I still feel I need a little personal help or personal experiences from you... thank you!

So, I am currently on pharmaceuticals and supplements that I have to take 6 times per day:
AM without food
AM with food
Noon without Food
Noon with Food
PM without food
PM with food

I have purchased CDS (3000PPM pre mixed) and plan to follow the Protocol C (Protocol 101) BUT how do I do this for 8 hrs (recommended for me) and take the supplements I need to take? 
As I am reading it sounds like I need to do the 8 hrs in a row to keep the pathogens down.  
Do I need to get up every hour at night to do CDS? 

Should I do 4 hrs of CDS in the morning and 4 hrs pf CDS in the evening?  
7a-Supp w/o
8a-supp w/breakfast
9a, 10a, 11a, 12a- CDS
1a-supp w/lunch
2a -supp w/o
3p, 4p, 5p, 6p, - CDS
7p - supp w/dinner
8p -supp w/o 
That's only leaving one hour in between eating and CDS or CDS and Supplements.  

Or maybe I cut out the afternoon supplements and do:
7a supp with/food
8a supps w/o
10a - 6p CDS
8p supp with/food (makes for a late dinner or late snack)
9p Supps w/o

I am open to giving a list of meds and supplements if that helps.

Thoughts... Any ideas?  Help... I want to make this work but I want to make sure my meds/supps and CDS are all working properly together and not canceling anything out... 

I appreciate your time and knowledge on this topic and I thank you for being there to help educate and encourage others to better their health!  

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CDS and Scleroderma (Auto-Immune) 14 Sep 2023 00:23 #79927

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That's a difficult one.

It kind of depends on how strictly you want to follow the protocols.

Most of this is By Guess and By Golly with years of anecdotal reports by people
to try to come up with a protocol that seems to be efficacious for "everyone".

Usually it is suggested to "do the best you can" and "anything is better than nothing".

Since, afaik, there are no supplements or medicines that "cancel or neutralize" CD,
I wouldn't worry about that. (just the foods and drinks that can cause issues as
noted in Jim Humble's "MMS Health Recovery Guidebook", and maybe elsewhere,
which do include Vitamin C, which I suppose is a supplement, or maybe some other
herb that has a lot of C in it)

I follow JH not AK.

So, maybe don't worry too much about trying to stay away from the stuff needed
during the middle of the day, and extend your "lunch" out an half hour or whatever
in between the dosing. (instead of "eating on the half hour" during the 8-hour dosing period)

Theoretically there shouldn't be any interactions and you would be following the
dosing period pretty well.

Does that make sense?
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You will find info there regarding Jim Humble's "MMS Health Recovery Guidebook".

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