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Cancer - what I would do to cure it, if I had it 28 Jun 2020 04:03 #64932

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I just posted the following in an unrelated topic and so I thought it would be best if it were under it's own more appropriate subject heading and category - so here it is.
Please improve on it with your ideas:

The first thing I'd do if I discovered I had cancer is to immediately go on a water only fast to eliminate all nourishment for the cancer and lessen the burden on the immune system so that it can start cleaning up the cancer. If I had enough fat on my body (and I probably do) I'd probably do the water fast for as long as it took for the cancer to be gone, but if I didn't have enough body fat, I'd just stay on the fast as long as I could and then when I couldn't do it any longer, I'd then switch to a 10 carb per day ketogenic diet for as long as it took to be free of the cancer. Next, I'd be drinking 5 drops of MMS in every quart/liter of water I drank all day long, which is all I'd be drinking because I would be fasting. Then, if possible I'd at least do a light rebounding on a trampoline 3 to 4 times a day, 5 minutes each time to help to increase circulation. Next best thing would be going for a brisk walk 3 to 4 times a day, 15 minutes each time. I would try to get some sun every day too. Regarding supplements and such, I would:

- Take 5000 iu of vitamin D a day
- I would salt my water with a good sea salt and potassium chloride (I have a recipe for this) (combines well with the MMS drops)
- I would take at least 4 drops of 5% Lugols Iodine (25mg) a day (I just started looking into and doing this and I think it's an essential element almost everyone is deficient in. See www.drbrownstein.com and watch his videos on YouTube)
- I'd probably take Epsom salt baths a couple of times a week too for a good penetration of magnesium
- I'd take 500mg of Vitamin C a day, just before going to bed to get some C into my body everyday

Since I'd be fasting like mentioned above, I might not feel the need to do IV pushes of CLO2. If I did though, I would do 50ml of 100 ppm (dilute CDH or CDS) once a day, every other day of the week, so 3.5 times a week. If I did the IV pushes, I would probably do a weekly hemoglobin test to make sure it wasn't falling too low and stop the IV pushes if it was and until it got high enough to start again.

May we all be well,
Scott McRae
- I'm Scott McRae, the creator of CDH with the help of CLO2 (Charlotte Lackney)

- I did a CDH injection / Chlorine Dioxide (CLO2) injection / IV push of 10ml of dilute 50ppm CDH / CLO2 into my blood 3 times in 11 hours & did before & after blood tests that showed that it did NO HARM to my blood, liver or kidneys. This suggests the possibility that CDH / CLO2 is a potential LIFESAVING MRSA cure, VRE cure, CRE cure, AMR cure, Ebola cure, HIV cure, Cancer cure, etc., since it appears to be safe intravenously at 50ppm.

- Join our group on MiWi (was deleted off of Facebook): mewe.com/join/coronavirusebolasolutions
- Every ml of CDH contains 1 drop of MMS, so 1 drop of MMS = 1ml of CDH
- MMS is 7 to 10% activated in 30 seconds while CDH made with 4% HCl is about 50% activated in the bottle. This is why CDH is far less nauseating than MMS drops

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Cancer - what I would do to cure it, if I had it 29 Jun 2020 19:21 #64952

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You take Vitamin C at night? If I take Vitamin C at night I cannot sleep at all.

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Cancer - what I would do to cure it, if I had it 30 Jun 2020 21:29 #64963

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Interesting. I take 2 grams of home-made liposomal Vitamin-C every morning and night with no side effects.

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