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TOPIC: liver tumor and cancer in dog

liver tumor and cancer in dog 09 Feb 2020 06:00 #62394

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We recently found out that my 12 year and 11 month old and 40 pound Australian shepherd has a large tumor on her liver that is pushing all the other organs out of their normal positions. It ruptures resulting in her bleeding internally and making her anemic.

I would really appreciate any help, thoughts, advice, or feedback as I am new to using MMS and am very worried about my pup. I have described the background of her situation and where we are at with the protocols. My worry is that she is so weak I don’t want to make her worse but want to give her enough to give her a chance to help her recover from her condition.

For almost 2 years her blood work gets checked on a regular basis due to her age and a past of slightly elevated liver enzymes; however sometimes her levels were normal. (From what I know now, I’m guessing the high liver enzymes were brought on by the growth of this tumor.) Despite all this the vet never saw reason to further investigate. In the last 4-6 months we began to have reason to suspect that something was wrong. She had days she wasn't feeling very well, seemed weaker in general, and there were rare instances of her collapsing. Despite all this she would jump back into her normal self rather quickly and when we had her checked at the vet her blood work apparently didn't show anything extreme or alarming. Then all of a sudden, she wasn’t doing well and didn't eat for 3 days and her abdomen was very bloated. It was Wednesday we took her to the vet and that's when the blood work was done and finally showed alarming spikes in her liver enzymes and she was so anemic she almost needed a blood transfusion. X-rays and ultrasounds showed a large liver tumor and additional "lesions" on her spleen. There was evidence of some fluid in her body cavity which was likely blood from the tumor rupturing. So far her heart and lungs looked fine. We took her home and made her as comfortable as we could. Luckily she had begun to eat and was taking vitamin K and some Chinese herbs (Yunnan baiyo) for the bleeding. By Friday we went to a different vet and her blood work was checked again. She had fully recovered from the anemia and additional x-rays showed that no fluid was in her body cavity. The vet said that her body likely reabsorbed the blood. Her activity levels were good but there is still the fear of the cancer spreading and the worry that the tumor would rupture again.

We were told that she likely wouldn't survive chemo or surgery and it would only add a short time to her life even if she did survive. Surgery was no longer an option once we found out about the multiple lesions. I didn't want to put her through either treatment and decided it would be best to make her as comfortable as possible and do all I could for her. We opted not to have any further invasive procedures done. (The vet said that they could try to get a sample of the tumor and get it tested to determine what kind of cancer she had but there was a risk of rupturing the tumor and therefore causing another bleed. Additionally the test may not be conclusive especially if they could not get enough of a sample.) That's when my dad suggested trying MMS. He knew about it since my grandfather took it and was able to heal himself of prostate cancer. So we ordered some MMS and other associated supplies to get started.

So besides the threat of cancer my pup faces the threat of bleeding to death from the tumor rupturing just from normal activity. We've started with the starting procedure and tried to move through it fairly quickly (using the 1-week to live protocol as a guide) and moving on to protocol 1000, 1000 plus and trying to get to 2000. She never showed signs of getting sick (no diarrhea or vomiting) so we continued to move up through the protocols using the oral doses by weight chart for animals. Based on her weight (40lbs) we have been using Cup2 and giving her doses from that solution per protocol for Animals. She takes the dose from an oral syringe and has been taking them pretty well. With a little verbal encouragement she will swallow the dose as we slowly pushing down on the syringe.

Last Saturday-Monday:
We were moving through the starting procedure (30-65 drops of MMS1 from Cup2). 8 hourly doses were given during the day on Saturday and Sunday. She had 7 hourly doses in the evening on Monday.The dog didn't appear to get any better but was still weak and lethargic and her appetite by Monday had decreased. Her abdomen was also very bloated.

The dog was weak and lethargic but was able to walk around and go out of the doggie door by herself. Her gait was very weak and her back legs appeared like they might give out. We gave her 7 hourly doses in the evening. We were on Protocol 1000 (giving her 3mL of Cup2 and progressed to 7mL by the end). She still had not eaten very much so we offered her some Hills Prescription Urgent Care a/d canned food which she ate some of. Her gums were very pale and I was worried the tumor had ruptured and that she may bleed to death so I gave her a double dose of Yunnan Baiyo to help stop any bleeding in the later part of the evening. Her abdomen was still bloated. She appeared to be in discomfort and possibly even some pain.

In the early morning her gums looked more pink and she ate some more of the canned Hills Prescription urgent care food. Her doses were given to her during the day starting in the morning; she was up to 8mL and moved up to 11mL by the end of the day. She was able to move around on her own and go outside to use the bathroom despite still being weak and lethargic. She was able to chase a squirrel from the backyard wall when we turned our heads for a second but was still weak and laid around for hours throughout the day. She did eat a little more of the canned Hills prescription urgent care food in the evening after her doses were done. My worry is that chasing the squirrel may have caused her tumor to rupture because her gums became pale again and she was very weak and lethargic in the evening. Again I gave her another double dose of the Yunnan Baiyo before bed. Her abdomen was still bloated. She appeared to be in discomfort and possibly even some pain.

We were on protocol 1000 plus and giving her 11mL from Cup2 with 1 drop of DMSO during the day. The last five doses (the dog's other care taker) were administered different from protocol. Instead of the Cup2 solution, 11 drops of MMS1 were mixed with 1/2 cup of distilled water and then 1 drop of DMSO. A 6mL dose from this solution was given every hour for 9 hours.

She couldn’t get up and didn’t get up and move for hours without help. She did not seek water or food during the day and never pooped. Some water was administered from an oral syringe in the early evening once we doses were done. We kept giving her organic grass fed beef broth and water from the syringe in the evening since she had not eaten or drink much during the day. She was warm to the touch and had a dry nose. After her doses were done in the early afternoon we noticed that she wasn’t bloated like she had been all week. She was coughing once in a while.

By the early morning her nose appeared wet again and she continued to willingly drink water and beef broth from an oral syringe. Her abdomen appeared even less bloated than Thursday evening. I began her doses in the morning per protocol (11 mL from Cup2 solution with 1 drop DMSO). She began to feel warm again, had a dry nose, and was never able to get up by herself. Additionally her abdomen appeared to get slightly bloated but was similar to Thursday night. I thought she may have been dehydrated but her skin when pulled from one spot quickly returned to place and if I pressed on her gums it turned white with pressure and immediately returned to a pink color when I released the pressure. This made me thinks he really wasn’t dehydrated.

I was worried that she may be allergic to the DMSO since her liver is likely weak from the tumor. By the 3-5 dose I stopped adding the DMSO and just continued with the MMS1 cup2 dosage and worked up to 15 mL and gave a total of 9 doses by the end of the day. During the day she was able to stand up with my help and she weakly walked outside to poop and later to walk to her water bowl. Other times I helped her up and had to carry her outside let her squat to pee before carrying her back inside to lay down. She was so weak most of the day she woud collapse when she squatted to pee or would finish and then try to walk back in the house but her legs would give out. Other than that she laid down all day and did not move. I continued to alternate giving her beef broth and water throughout the day between her doses. I cooked some ground grass-fed lamb and she ate a handful several times. She did not appear to be in clear pain but more discomfort from being so weak and not being able to get up and around by herself. She seemed more alert than earlier in the weak and would pick up her head or follow us with her eyes more while she rested. Her gums appeared not so pale and definitely had some pink to them. He did cough multiple times throughout the day like she had something stuck in her throat.

Upon waking up the dog was stilled warm with a dry nose. Her gums were pink. She took water from a syringe and later drank water from her bow when it was put in front of her. I continued to give her hourly doses about 15-16mL of Cup2 but without DMSO. She still could not get up by herself and was so lethargic she did not move from her spot laying down. I become worried her continuous lethargy and lack of improvement may be excessive tiredness from the MMS so by her 4th-5th dose I cut it down to 6mL, within the next hour she seemed more alert and responsive after that. I don’t know if it was the smaller dose or the fact that it was later in the morning. When helped up she was able to weakly walk to get water, move to a different area of the room to lay down. At one point she even got up all by herself to move to another part of the room. She even ate a small handful of ground grass-fed beef hamburger and gave us some kisses (which she hasn’t done for a long time). Because she seemed to improve a bit we stuck with the 6mL doses for the rest of the day; we only did 9 hourly doses again. She still was very weak and 9/10 times still needed our assistance to stand up and struggled to walk and hold herself up to go to the bathroom. Later in the evening she was able to pee by herself and walk back into the house by herself before laying down again. This seems to be an improvement from the previous two days since she wasn’t able to walk at all. However, in the evening after her doses were done she seemed exhausted and had a weak look in her face when she held her head up. She did not eat again. The last time was 20-30 minutes before her last dose. She still continues to cough and clear her throat.

I planned to try the DMSO again sometime in the future but wanted to see if it could possibly be making her worse especially since her liver may be weak and she hasn’t been on MMS for a whole weak just yet. My biggest concern is that she is not getting her full appetite back and that she is still too weak to reliably take herself outside. She’s also been so weak and tired I’ve started to wonder if that’s an excessive tiredness symptom of the Herxheimer reaction without the vomiting and diarrhea.

Since using the MMS I've stopped giving her all other supplements and medications. Since she has not showed any signs of anemia since Wednesday I have not given her any more of the Yunnan Baiyo.

Again any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated. I’m curious if we should continue with the Protocol 1000 plus 6mL doses and work our way back up. I’m wondering if after another day or two I should try the DMSO again. I’ve also wondered if we will need to utilize MMS2.

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liver tumor and cancer in dog 09 Feb 2020 22:31 #62399

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Please help!

I know this post is long. I'm happy to answer any questions or try to summarize. I just wanted to provide as much information as I could.

Any help, support, advice, or thoughts would be greatly appreciated. We are desperate to try to help her.

Today she seems to have more strength and although she still has trouble getting up by herself she was able to walk in and out to use the bathroom by herself. Hergums are the pinkest they've been all week. Her appetite is still low but she takes small portions of hamburger and the Hills Prescription canned food. I am also still giving her beef broth to keep some nutrition in her.

We are continuing with 6-7mL of cup2 until she gains more strength.

I am wondering if I should give her turmeric in between doses. I was afraid the antioxidant would conflict with the MMS. Our holistic vet has prescribed a tumeric supplement (Plena Curae Curcumin and Boswellia) that has more bioavailable curcumin. I also have canine matrix turkey tail mushroom powder but am hesitant to add anything else to her regiment in fear it will counter act the MMS.

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liver tumor and cancer in dog 10 Feb 2020 00:22 #62401

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TAY, if your dog is improving with the MMS dosing you are using, continue with that protocol and dosing. It may take some time for complete healing.
2 ml of 3000 ppm original CDS equals a 1 drop MMS1 dose in a normal stomach
Telegram Channel: t.me/MMSinfo
Websites: MMSinfo.org * www.facebook.com/groups/ebolacures/
Instructional Videos: www.youtube.com/channel/UCXv6hCnvjMmGg4_AYq4wlNw
Instructional Videos: www.brighteon.com/channel/clo2works
Answers to many questions are in Jim Humble's books: jhbooks.org/
How to use CDS, CDH in Protocols: www.mmsinfo.org/infosheets/CDS_CDH_and_Protocols-2.pdf
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liver tumor and cancer in dog 13 Feb 2020 03:42 #62426

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Qualifications: 1st hand experience whose father eradicated prostate cancer with MMS and recommender to my daughter; TAY.
This dog was sent home by the White Coats (Veterinarians/Doctors), with a tumor that was so large and inoperable it was compromising her ability to move food either in or out of her body. X-Ray and Ultrasound confirmed, a cancer that had not yet spread to her lungs or throat. Any strenuous movement or simple stretching could rupture these lesions and cause a terminal internal bleed. Well, that nearly happened on Wednesday, February 5, 2020.
Luckily, we started dosing on Tuesday, due to the White Coats prognosis. (It took only days to convince my daughter and actually get the MMS in-hand)
Koda (the dog), lay immobile for the next three days. Barely eating (by hand) and Bone Broth through a syringe, along with water and the MMS doses. She had to be carried outside to urinate and would collapse while doing so.
She has survived through the Grace of God and the higher-mind thinking that is so elusive today.
THIS IS ALL REAL-TIME (the emotions are insane day-to-day)
Last week, the White Coats graciously offered to “put her down” and today, Koda is eating and walking to deprecate on her own. Moving herself in and out of the house, four and five times a day is HUGE.
It is far from over and we are keeping the path. I appreciate the bravery and higher-mind thinking of CLO2 for stepping-up and providing reassurance underlining some of the basic teaching of Jim Humble.
I actually expected more advice or support to comment on this thread from the world wide reach of this forum of alleged thousands of members “in the know.” Clearly only those facing death of a loved one can truly understand my frustration on this. Whether cowards or posers; man/woman-up. We all love life. Please let me know if there is anything more I can do to make your journey more informative.
CLO2, thank you.
I hope this helps…anyone.
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liver tumor and cancer in dog 16 Feb 2020 01:57 #62477

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I know what you are going through as my dog was diagnosed with a large tumor as well. I used MMS to try to cure him as you are doing but eventually had to put him down because the tumor grew too large and he would not eat. I can only tell what I did and what I would do different in your situation.

The vet gave my dog less than a week to live and using the MMS he lived more than a month longer than that. He had to have fluid drained twice from his lungs, because of inflammation. First time they drained from his one lung, second time they drained from the other. The interesting thing is the second time there was no new fluid in the first lung drained at all after 2 weeks. I believe this was due to MMS treatment.

CLO2 I think and have read does something well is reduce inflammation because it neutralizes Cytokines released by the immune system. Cancer causes massive inflammation in the lymphatic system. Clo2 reduces inflammation. This makes the body feel less sick. The immune system then can work on destroying the cancer. The issue is the size of the tumor might be too big to destroy it as with my dog, but the dog will feel better.

One thing I wish I would have tried different is to put DMSO directly on the outside of the location where the tumor was. MMS goes in the body but has to travel all throughout the body before getting to the tumor. If the way to the tumor was more direct it might have more effect (my theory). I would have shaved the hair on the chest, sprayed MMS to kill bacteria then drop of DMSO. DMSO is a solvent and opens up the skin blood barrier. Spray MMS on this then it goes in the body at that point. DMSO is active for up to 30 minutes and everything goes in there while its active.

I think MMS does kill good ecoli bacteria in the gut as its a biocide. Best to give it on an empty stomach. Between breaks or feeding I would give my dog goat milk or cheese to increase the good bacteria then feed. This might be why your pup has a bloated stomach as the food is not digesting due to lack of ecoli. I would feed in the evenings. This is also why diareaha may be present. I fed my dog really good natural food not the canned garbage. Fresh fish like salmon or tilapia. Hope this information might help your dog. Look into CBD treatment for cancer as well. The most important thing now your dog is acting more normal so it can heal.
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