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Cat Has Cancer 10 Jan 2022 21:34 #73412

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Hello, I need help ASAP. I have the mms health recovery book first edition.
I read and tried the protocols from Chapter 15 Animals Page 289 to 305.
Please answer me these questions. I may be doing it wrong and my cat is not getting better.
1. I Read p. 300. Animal protocol dosages: chart 1
2. Weight of animal: my cat is 8-12 lbs(3.6 - 5.5kg)
3. Column1 Starting Procedure: 4.5 - 9 - 13 d-c2 = 4.5 drops. - 9 drops -13 drops
4. C2 Cup 2= must activate 8 drops of mms and 8 drops activator and 4 oz. water.
5. This I did.
6. Question? Once I prepare the Cup 2, do I add 4.5 drops of mms more to Cup 2?
7. Or do I give the cat 4.5 drops from the Cup2 only and that is all for 2-3 days and then move on to 9 drops from Cup2 mms mixture 2-3 days and so on?
8. For each Protocol: How long do I keep the cat on each Protocol dosage?
This is what I did. Started Dec 29/2021
First day
1. Starting Procedure; Mixed C2=8 drops of mms and 8 drops of activator.
Waited 30 seconds, put 4 oz.-120ml of water. Fresh every hour. 10 hours.
2. In a syringe I filled 0.15 ml=4.5 drops from the mixed solution in Cup2.
3. Gave the solution to my cat orally every hour for 10 hours.
4. 12:30 I fed her a very small portion of soft cat food ½ tablespoons.
5. After 10 hours of this way she did well accepting the solution.
Day 2: Gave her from C2 activated solution 9 drops = 0.4 ml. Went well.
Day 3: Gave her from C2 activated solution 13 drops =0.6ml. Went well
Day 4: Started protocol 1000. All the dose are in ml.
Gave 1 ml from C2 activated solution. Did this right through to the last dosage
Day 5: Started Protocol 1000 plus with DMSO.
Mixed Cup2 activated solution, after added 6 drops of dmso into Cup2 solution and mixed together and then Gave 1 ml from Cup2 activated solution, with the dmso.
Day 6: Same thing was done except dosage was 2.5 ml and 6 drops of dmso.
Day 7: Same thing was done gave 2.5 ml from Cup2 and 12 drops dmso from Cup2
Day 8: Same thing was done gave 2.5 ml and 24 drops from Cup2.
6. Did I do it right or wrong?
My cat has made no changes!

Also with DMSO
Page 300. Bottom of chart. Adding DMSO to Protocol 1000 etc. I do not understand.?
Page 296 Cup2 add 24 drops of DMSO.? Which one is it?
I am very confused with these writings.
I read these protocols over and over. Do not understand. Not very clear.!

Help Please!!!
Thank you

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