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Detailed Update on MMS Not Working 09 Dec 2017 14:14 #56907

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As promised I am providing an update to my update of two days ago. I sat down with two different oncologists to go over all the PET/CT scans I have had. I have had a total of 5 over the last two years. My cancer is far worse now than it was two years ago. I have way too many mets to my bones. Fortunately I do not have any new tumors in any organs, but my bones are being eaten alive and at this rate I will soon be bed ridden.

As I have said I bought two of Jim Humble's books and took them seriously and applied the protcols as best I could. I did use just MMS for two months, then added in MMS2 and MMS1 with DMSO for another 7 months for a total of 9 months using MMS. I can only conclude that it is not working.

I also said in a previous post that I and my husband had successfully removed 21 tumors/lesions from my spine and hips using black salve. I also said that the successful removal of these were confirmed by a later PET scan. Now the cancer has come back in these same spots. Here is the very important thing to know about using black salve!

The salve does NOT penetrate bone, at least it did not in my case. Breast cancer metastasized to bone starts in the bone marrow. As the tumors grow they reach the bone surface, and t hen grow on the bone surface. It was these surface tumors that the salve killed and removed. However, the salve did not penetrate down into the center of the marrow and therefore not all of the cancer was killed, and that is why it came back. The black salve was great at killing the pain.

I now have so many cancer tumors in my skelton I outlook is extremely bleak. My cancer is ER postive 100% and PR postive 60% and HER negative. The primary tumor in my breast has not gotten larger, and it has not gotten smaller in two years.

The only drug I took was an aromatase inhibitor that simply kills off estrogen that feeds the cancer. And this drug has also obviously not worked either. Over this same 9 months on MMS my blood pressure has become emergency room high almost daily. I took one blood pressure medication called Lorsortan, and that does not work or help.

Somewhere in Jim Humble's writings I was reading where he was saying that the trend he is seeing is that MMS does not work well when using pharmaceuticals. Does anyone remember where this is written? And does anyone have experience with MMS not working?

Considering all of the hard work and torment Jim Humble and others like Daniel Smith have taken to advance the cause of MMS I hate to see MMS not work for people like me. While nothing works 100% of the time on cancer, it seems I am one of the few MMS is not working for. It is cases like mine that the media and conventional medicine crowd would use to "debunk" MMS. Therefore I sure would like ideas on why it has not worked for me. Many thanks!

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Detailed Update on MMS Not Working 09 Dec 2017 19:52 #56914

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Thanks for the detailed update.

It might be worthwhile injecting MMS1/CDS/CDH into your blood system. In the past I noticed that small, hard growths on the back of my hands were unaffected when MMS1 or CDS (full strength) was applied topically. But, if I picked at the growths until blood was flowing and applied full strength CDS, which would have gotten into the vein, the growth would disappear in a few days and never came back.

Truthquester (Scott), a forum user, has successfully experimented with injecting CDH in himself. A friend of his added CDH to an IV drip and seemed to work for him. Read his most recent post that talks about this.

You may want to consider using CDH for this as it contains about 50% MMS and 50% CLO2, externally, whereas MMS1 contains about 90% MMS and 10% CLO2 externally. CDH is easy to make and you use the same two ingredients, MMS and 4% HCL. It lasts about two weeks.

Jim talks about IVs in his latest book on page 252.
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Detailed Update on MMS Not Working 12 Dec 2017 08:20 #56952

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Hello LaKidd,

I am so sorry to hear of the problem you have had and after trying so hard. Maybe I can shed a little light and maybe not. I will try to say what I believe below:

So let me first say that in many thousands of cases, those that followed my protocols the most closely seemed to get the best results. I say this with the utmost sympathy as I have had heart problems where the medical doctors told me I could go at any time and that I needed an operation immediately. So let me say what I feel you could be done different and then let me suggest a course of action.

You said: "I did use just MMS for two months, then added in MMS2 and MMS1 with DMSO for another 7 months for a total of 9 months using MMS. I can only conclude that it is not working." Let me say the greatest thing is that you at least tried. But this is not really the protocol that I suggest and have outlined in my new book and the Health Recovery Plan. (1) My protocol calls for a dose every hour at first for 8 hours a day and for cancer soon after going up to 10 hours a day. (2) The Health Recovery Plan very definitely states if there is no improvement in 5 to 6 days then go to the next step higher level. (that is stated in the three golden rules of MMS) and in protocol 1000.) So if you were taking 1 drop per hour and no improvement in 5 or 6 days you go to the next step, which in this case would be 2 activated drops per hour. If you were doing 2 drops per hour already then you would go to 3 drops per hour. If you were doing 3 drops per hour then you would got to the next step which is then adding the DMSO to the drops.

Of the three golden rules the most important one is, if you are getting better, do not change anything. Don't take more of what you are doing. Don't take less. Getting better is delicate. Don't change it. If you are standing on your head in the corner twice a day and that is making you better, don't change it. Continue with what you are doing until there are no improvements for a few days, then go to the next level. Believe it or not, the three golden rules apply to all health improvement schemes or sciences or procedures and eating habits.

And if after 5 days you were not getting better you would then go to Protocol 2000. In Protocol 2000 you would add MMS 2 which is another cancer killer. This is a natural killer that your body makes for this purpose (hypochlorous acid) but when the body doesn't have enough we then add it. I know you were using it, but best to follow the protocols. Then following the golden rules you would start increasing the number of drops per hour and at 10 hours a day. When the drops become too much and make you feel a little worse, according to the golden rules you cut the number of drops by 50% and begin working back up to higher doses again. Then if 5 or 6 days go by and you notice no improvement add protocol 3000. NOW THIS IS IMPORTANT: When you add a protocol you never stop doing what you are doing, you just add the new protocol to what you are already doing.

So you add protocol 3000 and continue. And somewhere around this point if there is breast cancer for example, you add douches according to instructions. If you go 5 or 6 days without improvement then you add the foot bathes and the full bathes as given in the book. Still no improvement after 5 or 6 days you do the bag which is gassing your whole body with MMS gas. It's easy, you use 2 large garbage bags. Remember, you are still doing all those other things I have already mentioned above. You just add each of these things but do not stop doing the other things. If this still shows no improvement there are other protocols you can use. Pick through them to see which you feel for your case would be the best. Finally the black salve is recommended.

One such protocol would always be the Mold/Fungus protocol, as fungus often protects the cancer. So you can stop and do the Mold/Fungus Protocol at any time during the above procedures and then when finished you can go back to the above procedures. IN THE BOOK MMS Health Recovery Guidebook there are complete instructions for adding each new procedure. The chapter "Reality Check" tells you what you can be doing wrong that is keeping MMS from working.

I hope you understand that there are dozens of cures for cancer. You would be surprised at how many, but each substance that is used requires a certain protocol. There is no substance as of yet that will heal just by taking a mouth full or for just using it a long time. You have to follow the protocol for whatever substance that you are using. MMS happens to be one of the best, maybe even the best. I designed these protocols from 20 years of treating people with cancer and many other diseases. As I saw people get better I looked at what they were doing and added what I thought was working best to the next person. Then I had those I trained also telling me what worked. You may say that I was taking chances with these people's lives, but the fact is, I knew that for over 100 years this chemical chlorine dioxide (MMS) has never had an official report of causing a death or permanent injury. Contrast that with 1 million deaths a year from pharmaceuticals. Never a death caused by MMS. Now hundreds of thousands of successes of overcoming incurable diseases many of which were cancer. The book is: MMS Health Recovery Guidebook. Get it from jhbooks.org. MMS is an amazing chemical and I just lucked upon it or, God gave it to me, or it was a gift from somewhere . It can be made from table salt and of course MMS2 is a natural chemical which the body makes and was also a gift.

Jim Humble
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