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TOPIC: breast feeding while on MMS1

Re: breast feeding while on MMS1 01 Aug 2019 21:40 #60978

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paloma wrote: Only change is my taking MMS. As a mother I can see in her eyes something has changed. Like a light switch was turned on.

If sufficient amounts of ClO2 passes over into mothers milk the clue likely is that your child is being detoxed from quite a few toxins children normally absorb while the mother is pregnant.

Especially the first born normally is a "dumping place" for toxins mom has gathered over 20-30 years.

The unborn child has something in comon with parasites. Because parasites also absorb toxins from their host.

We assume babies are as clean as can be. Well they are not, especially not in the world of today. And babies can't tell mom and dad in any other way than just not develop quite as they should.

Mothers (and fathers) should detox themselves way before mom gets pregnant. Would save the little ones a lot of struggles.

So yes Paloma I believe ClO2 does pass over in mothers milk. This explains your daughter making the sudden progress.

Verry happy for you and will help spread this far and wide.
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