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TOPIC: Substituting MMS for Hydrogen Peroxide Protocols

Substituting MMS for Hydrogen Peroxide Protocols 30 May 2011 18:18 #2890

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I believe it would be quite helpful if an answer can be given for a way to substitute the use of MMS for Hydrogen Peroxide, so much has been written and

researched about Hydrogen Peroxide and Hydrogen Peroxide Protocols for healthful services. My guess after looking at both areas would be 2 drops of

activated MMS for each equivalent drop of 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide. The reason for my guess of 2 drops is that in some of the protocols that I

have seen, they suggest 75 drops or so of Hydrogren Peroxide whereas with MMS I have seen a higher range in the 30 drop/day area. I am not really sure

about these numbers. I do believe that comparing MMS with the 35% Hydrogen Peroxide may be advantageous rather than comparing it to the 3% potency level

of Hydrogen Peroxide.

I am assuming with the above question that Hydrogen Peroxide and MMS are basically in the same family of alternative protocols in that both are using

oxygen for eliminating pathogens. Is this a correct assumption?

Also, can anyone comment on the advantages or disadvantages of using one or the other?

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Re: Substituting MMS for Hydrogen Peroxide Protocols 31 May 2011 15:50 #2905

  • Michael Harrah
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Hi Bill,

I am posting below a discussion of MMS, ozone and peroxide that Jim gave. I do not have a web link for it; maybe it appeared in a newletter. For an example of peroxide therapy that I have found helpful, especially for lung congestion, see ( genesis2forum.org/index.php?option=com_kunena&func=view&catid=38&id=2232&Itemid=66 ).

MMS1 and MMS2 Vs. Ozone and Hydrogen Peroxide
by Jim Humble, Sept 26, 2009

These four chemicals are all oxidizers. MMS1, MMS2, Ozone, and Hydrogen Peroxide. They all kill pathogens by oxidation.

Ozone and hydrogen peroxide have been used for years in the human body to kill many diseases. They even oxidize heavy metals to some extent. Many lives have been saved and much suffering has been overcome using these two oxidizers mostly by intravenous injection.

Ozone is the most powerful oxidizer known and Hydrogen Peroxide is a close second. In the healing field they both have been very useful as they both can kill any known pathogen. The problem lies in that these two oxidizers are so strong that they not only kill the germs, but they can damage many other things. Of course, the amount of damage is often determined by the amount of chemical in solution. But it doesn’t now matter how weak the ozone or hydrogen peroxide is, it can still oxidize things in your body that you may not want to oxidize - not even in small amounts.

So that is the major disadvantage of these chemicals, and it's the reason people buy antioxidant pills and capsules. You don't want free oxygen adrift in muscles and flesh. The only safe oxygen is carried in red blood cells. Otherwise free oxygen can damage things you don't want to damage even though a doctor might use oxygen therapies to remove bad things.

When oxygen is used in the human body it can damage good body cells as well as kill pathogens that are present. In addition, oxygen and ozone is so powerful that they get used up quickly. And being used up quickly, they cannot penetrate deeply into tissues where many pathogens hide. They never get to important places because they are used up before they reach the pathogens that one is attempting to kill. So, before oxygen ever penetrates to reach bad things, it gets used up killing good things along the way.

This is not to say that they haven’t been useful in treating some diseases that nothing else can destroy, but they do cause a certain amount of damage on the way. There are many diseases that simply hide deep enough in the tissues that they cannot be reached with these oxidizers. One example would be HIV and AIDS. These oxidizers simply cannot kill HIV or AIDS as they cannot penetrate deep enough into the tissues of the body to reach the hiding places of these diseases. However, there have been some instances where enough disease germs were killed that the victim had a few months to a few years of breathing room before the disease again took over.

Hydrogen Peroxide was once sold from the shelves of almost all health food stores in America, but it was then found out that it was creating a number of health problems when it was used. It not only killed pathogens, but it killed many beneficial bacteria as well. The ones that it killed left special room for pathogens to grow or re-grow.

I personally used Hydrogen Peroxide for brushing my teeth - as the label says you can do. Did it every day, but I developed a terrible taste in my mouth that also smelled pretty bad. I finally stopped using Hydrogen Peroxide and the health of my mouth returned and some health food stores stopped offering it for sale as it became evident that it was doing more harm than good. As time passed a few health food stores began to offer it for sale again, but they risk being sued as the data concerning the problems of Hydrogen Peroxide are known and are visible on the Internet.

There are now quite a number of proponents of Ozone and many of hydrogen peroxide as well. They continue to push these two oxidizers as being the best thing possible or the only thing possible to cure a number of diseases. I personally wouldn’t want to suggest that it is not true. They are not the only thing possible anymore, as now MMS1 and MMS2 is in use by over a million people each day. With Ozone and hydrogen peroxide the use of intravenous injection is not a simple matter to most of the world. It takes equipment and special knowledge and the fact is the general public is never going to be able to self administer intravenous injection. In addition to that, one still has all those problems that I mention above.

Enter MMS1 and MMS2.

MMS1 generates chlorine dioxide, a very special oxidizer that is not powerful at all. It is a weak oxidizer, but powerful in a different way. It doesn’t have the oxidization potential required to oxidize most materials. Just about the only living thing that it can oxidize is pathogens. There are many non living things that it can oxidize, but not normal living cells. When I say it is powerful in a different way, the fact is that it has a much greater capacity than Ozone or Hydrogen peroxide for pathogens while at the same time not being able to oxidize hundreds of things that these other oxidizers can oxidize.

MMS1 penetrates deeply into the tissues of the body while not being used up on the way to the target. It simply cannot oxidize any of the living cells of the human body. MMS1 (chlorine dioxide) is one of the two important chemicals that the human immune system generates naturally to kill disease pathogens and other items in the body that need to be destroyed. MMS2 is the other important chemical that the immune system generates. Isn’t it funny that the two miracle minerals that are hundreds of times more effective than any drug are actually chemicals that the human body has been using for hundreds of thousands of years?

But I think the thing that is the most hard to understand is that modern medicine never discovered this in their billions of dollars of research. In addition, hundreds of thousands of people have already proven that MMS1 and MMS2 can be effectively self administered. This allows for MMS1 and MMS2 to be used throughout the world in thousands of places where it would be impossible to use Ozone.

MMS2 is a special weak acid that the human immune system generates naturally to kill hundreds of different pathogens and other things in the body that need killing. The name of this acid is hypochlorous acid and it is a natural acid made in small quantities within the body. Although it is available naturally, evidently the body cannot generate enough of it to handle powerful diseases under certain conditions. When MMS2 is taken it immediately turns to hypochlorous acid and in most cases the disease is killed in just a few hours or several days.

MMS2 generates hypochlorous acid, a very special acid that the immune system learned to use hundreds of thousands of years ago. This acid releases nascent oxygen when the special proteins of pathogens are present including viruses and most other microorganisms. This acid works using a special mechanism that neither ozone nor hydrogen peroxide can match. The acid itself is not an oxidizer, but it is considered an oxidizer because it releases nascent oxygen in the presence of some proteins. Thus hypochlorous acid can penetrate deeply into the tissues before it encounters the proteins of the pathogens and then releases the powerful nascent oxygen. The body chose well when it began to use hypochlorous acid as no pathogen has ever developed a resistance to it in a hundred thousand years.

The various diseases can hide deep in the tissues of the body, but the hypochlorous acid is a liquid that slowly penetrates deeper and deeper into the tissues until it is flowing as deeply as the disease pathogens. As a molecule of hypochlorous acid recognizes the protein in a pathogen molecule it instantly releases its oxygen molecule and it changes to an ion of table salt and a hydrogen ion that becomes part of the water. No new compounds are created and nothing is left behind but a molecule of salt. There is nothing to create side effects.

Of course, the nascent oxygen destroys the pathogen and becomes discharged oxygen that becomes carbon dioxide to be breathed out on the next breath outwards.

So you see, MMS1 and MMS2 are miracle minerals that are far beyond ozone and hydrogen peroxide and any other known oxidizers. Both of these chemicals have saved thousands of lives and the two working together will probably cure any disease known. At least they will kill any disease that is caused by pathogens and I do not know of a disease that is not caused by pathogens one way or the other. MMS1 and MMS2 will kill many diseases that ozone and hydrogen peroxide cannot touch and they will kill every disease that these oxidizers are now being used to kill.

Ozone and hydrogen peroxide should be retired as they are no longer required. Sorry, but I have treated more than 5,000 people and some of these were being treated with ozone or hydrogen peroxide at the time. I always suggested that they stop the ozone or hydrogen peroxide treatments and use MMS - which always worked quickly. Both MMS1 and MMS2 are many times more effective and much faster. MMS1 and MMS2 chemistry theory is much better, it is much easier to use, and thousands of lives now prove the point.

Please check the actual facts before you continue with ozone or hydrogen peroxide. Normally, intravenous MMS treatment is not required, but it can be used in special cases. Normally just drinking a few doses will cure most minor things. And the HIV protocol will cure most any incurable disease. That is simply giving a victim of most disease 3 drops of activated MMS1 each hour for 8 to 10 hours a day for 3 weeks. Many patients can treat themselves but some require special treatment.

When something is really bad, like the patient is about to die of cancer then add MMS2 every 2 hours . I have personally seen a number of cases just come right out of different incurable diseases and go back to work. That is, they went from about to die, to back to work in from two to three weeks.

Jim Humble writing from Africa, September, 2009

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