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PAPAYA SEEDS AS MALARIA PREVENTION- Fruit of the Angels.... 07 May 2011 07:21 #2479

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Deliciously sweet with musky undertones and a soft, butter-like consistency, it is no wonder the papaya was reputably called the "fruit of the angels" by Christopher Columbus.


In East Africa and other places of the world I have found out for a while that in the Asia community alot of people chew from a young papaya its seeds, dozen odd seeds or more as prevention against malaria.

Supposedly eating the seeds with the fruit, will enhance the sweet taste of the papaya.

Like papaya, the seeds contain an enzyme that tenderizes meat, so meats marinated in papaya seeds or cooked with them will be very tender.

Those same enzymes will also breakdown proteins in mosquito bites, so rubbing a mosquito bite with papaya seeds eases the itching.

There are a lot of weird health claims to papaya seeds. In one culture they are eaten as a aprodesiac. On the other hand there are studies that say they reduce fertility. One guy said he dried the seeds and fed them to his rabbit, so ... They are used as dewormers.


Not only are papaya seeds edible, but they are also good for you. Here are four health benefits of papaya seeds.

Antibacterial Properties
Research has found that papaya seeds are effective against E. coli, Salmonella, and Staph infections.

Kidney Protection
Research has found that papaya seed extract may protect the kidneys from toxin-induced kidney failure.

Eliminates Intestinal Parasites
There is evidence that papaya seeds eradicate intestinal parasites. In a study done on Nigerian children with intestinal parasites, 76.7% of the children were parasite-free after seven days of treatment with papaya seeds compared to only 16.7% of the children who received a placebo.

Liver Detoxifier
In Chinese medicine, it is believed that a teaspoon of papaya seeds will help detoxify the liver. Papaya seeds are often recommended by natural doctors in the treatment of cirrhosis of the liver.


How to Prepare Papaya Seeds for a Parasite Cleanse or an addition to your colon cleanse


We also use here the raw papaya juices to extra from your foot for example sea orchids, smeared into the effective parts the sticky juices some how has a way of excreting foreign parts out of your flesh.

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Papain is also applied topically (in countries where it grows) for the treatment of cuts, rashes, stings and burns. Papain ointment is commonly made from fermented papaya flesh, and is applied as a gel-like paste. Harrison Ford was treated for a ruptured disc incurred during filming of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom by papain injections.

Women in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and other countries have long used green papaya as a folk remedy for contraception and abortion. Enslaved women in the West Indies were noted for consuming papaya to prevent pregnancies and thus preventing their children from being born into slavery. Medical research in animals has confirmed the contraceptive and abortifacient capability of papaya, and also found that papaya seeds have contraceptive effects in adult male langur monkeys, and possibly in adult male humans, as well. Unripe papaya is especially effective in large amounts or high doses. Ripe papaya is not teratogenic and will not cause miscarriage in small amounts. Phytochemicals in papaya may suppress the effects of progesterone.

Medicinal potential

Papaya. Moche Culture. Larco Museum Collection. The Moche often depicted papayas in their ceramics.

* The juice has an in vitro antiproliferative effect on liver cancer cells, probably due to its component of lycopene or immune system stimulation.

* Papaya seed could be used as an antibacterial agent for Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus or Salmonella typhi, although further research is needed before advocating large-scale therapy.

* Papaya seed extract may be nephroprotective (protect the kidneys) in toxicity-induced kidney failure.

Drinking Tonic Water as Malaria Prevention.

Know of another lady who once had very bad malaria, and now believes that drinking 4 bottles of tonic water/soda is also a prevention against malaria, she has been drinking tonic soda for a decade now and has never caught malaria again, tonic water contains quinine which is used in malaria tables sold in every street corner shop.

Talk about home made treatments,

Quinine (US: /ˈkwaɪnaɪn/, UK: /ˈkwɪniːn, kwɪˈniːn/) is a natural white crystalline alkaloid having antipyretic (fever-reducing), antimalarial, analgesic (painkilling), anti-inflammatory properties and a bitter taste. It is a stereoisomer of quinidine which, unlike quinine, is an anti-arrhythmic. Quinine contains two major fused-ring systems: the aromatic quinoline and the bicyclic quinuclidine.

Though it has been synthesized in the lab, the bark of the cinchona tree is the only known natural source of quinine. The medicinal properties of the cinchona tree were originally discovered by the Quechua Indians of Peru and Bolivia; later, the Jesuits were the first to bring the cinchona to Europe.

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Quinine was the first effective treatment for malaria caused by Plasmodium falciparum, appearing in therapeutics in the 17th century. It remained the antimalarial drug of choice until the 1940s, when other drugs replaced it. Since then, many effective antimalarials have been introduced, although quinine is still used to treat the disease in certain critical situations. Quinine is available with a prescription in the United States and over-the-counter, in very small quantities, in tonic water. Quinine is also used to treat lupus and arthritis. Until recently, quinine was also a common "off-label" treatment for nocturnal leg cramps. This practice is now considered dubious by the FDA.

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Quinine is very sensitive to ultraviolet light (UV) and will fluoresce in direct sunlight, due to its highly conjugated resonance structure

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