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TOPIC: iodine benefits after thyroidectomy?

iodine benefits after thyroidectomy? 27 Mar 2011 23:05 #1896

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had my thyroid removed 2 1/2 years ago due to 10+ years of thyroid issues which eventually culminated in thyroid cancer

is there benefit to taking iodine (drops, lugols, iodoral) if you no longer even have a thyroid gland?

how do you know how much to take as I assume that it would be a somewhat difference dose than for someone that still had a functioning thyroid?

how will it affect your thyroid bloodwork?

as I have to have periodic follow-up scans, will it affect the future scans in any way? will the iodine block any rampant thryoid cancer cells from showing on the scan?

thanks so much!


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Re: iodine benefits after thyroidectomy? 10 Apr 2011 02:27 #2122

I apologize for long delay in replying. As I understand it, there are other systems in the body that use and store iodine, and that may absorb radioactive iodine if you're deficient. It's a good idea to stay replenished with iodine anyway.

As I understand it, 2 drops of Lugol's Solution, full strength, is a good daily maintenance amount. You can safely take 8 drops a day while replenishing. Painting iodine on your skin and covering it with a band-aid is said to show a deficiency if it disappears within 24 hours.

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