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Actually the live reports I get on my phone from friends up there and in the surrounding region, Mtu wa Mbu and Arusha Town itself and from the ones coming back is a complete picture of hilarious comical theatricals going on up in Loliondo, wish I had a chance to go up there and witness this all myself..............

Get some video footage and testimonials as it happens stretch from wheel chairs and stretches to running the marathon stories.....


On Tanzania TV, Ze Comedy Show as one popular TV comedy group is called has people in fits every week imitating the happenings in Loliondo.......

Perhaps we should start a Live Miracle Channel......

See below Loliondo stories,


WITH AN EAGLE’S EYE: Are the healing wonders of Loliondo real?


Some of the comments at the bottom are amusing......

How thousands will initially consult the Loliondo cleric, then go to early grave


Church pleads for Loliondo cleric


`Miracle cure` herbalist`s services halted


Yes we have faith... but placing it wholesale on a bush healer’s beyond being gullible


What makes Loliondo treatment tick?


Tricky balancing between secular medicine, divine healing...


This is a golden chance- Shelukindo


He sought greener pastures, ended up as divine healer...

Woman who set off the rush for the ‘drink’

Magic cure mission kills 5

Life in sleepy village turns upside down


Healer an 'old hand at herbal medications'

Don’t drop ARVs, official advises


Untold story of Loliondo mystery


Why retired cleric is an instant hit beyond Tanzania

Tacaids probes reports on HIV/Aids `medicine`


Govt: We`ve not halted `miracle drug treatment`

81-year-old BP sufferer: I am okay after drinking `muragira`

Why retired cleric is an instant hit beyond Tanzania

Miracle healing: 2nd patient dies

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[www.eThinkTankTz.org] A Scientific Explanation of Babu's 'Medicine' 20 Mar 2011 10:06 #1682

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A Scientific Explanation of Babu's 'Medicine'

Sunday, March 20, 2011


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Yesterday I talked to someone whose grandmother used to heal (or at least claim) to heal cancer but she died without passing that healing knowledge to anyone. The person told me that from the narration of Babu of Loliondo it is quite possible that his 'medication' is a herb or concoction that falls in such a category of African 'traditional medicine' and what he is saying and doing now is only to protect it from being stolen or/and patented. In African traditional healing, this person asserted, it is not uncommon to hear of 'medicinal men/women' getting a vision of where and how to get a certain herb that heals and he also know of someone else who died without revealing the formula of a seemingly effective medication he was administering to patients. I am still a student of African knowledge systems and I found this explanation given by someone from Mwanza quite interesting as it was not any different from an explanation I independently got from someone from Kilimanjaro that 'herbs follow the healer' as it is normally shown in a vision and the person who gets it goes to the forest to seek it. It should be noted that Babu uses the general name 'Mungu' as in 'God', rather than a specific name such as Jesus, to refer to who showed him the medication thus indicating that it could any higher being as claimed by any religion including the so-called 'animistic' religions of African ancestors. All these explanations are more intriguing given the fact that the five elders of Samunge village in Loliondo that we spoke to claimed that they have been using that same tree to prevent 'cancer' and contain 'anthrax' and it has also been a good treatment for pain in arms and knees/legs' joints when they boil and drink it as a soup; to them this knowledge was/is a heritage from their ancestors. What is also quite interesting is this email that I received yesterday from a colleague:

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Re: Upande wa Pili wa Babu wa Loliondo
[The Other Side of the Story of Babu of Loliondo]

Hiyo [that] plant inayotumika huko [that is used there] inaitwa [is called] Carissa edulis Family: Apocynaceae, it has been there since ancient time and C. edulis is found in Arabia and reaches through tropical Africa to the Transvaal, Botswana and north and northeast Namibia, in warm bushveld and scrub.

Geographic distribution
Native : Botswana, Cambodia, Cameroon, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guinea, Japan, Kenya, Myanmar, Namibia, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia,Senegal, South Africa, Sudan, Tanzania, Thailand, Uganda, Vietnam, Yemen

Food: Fruits are sweet and pleasant to eat; in Ghana, they are normally added to the food of invalids as an appetizer. Vinegar can be made from them by fermentation; in Sudan and Kenya, they are made into a jam. The roots are put into water gourds to impart an agreeable taste and are added to soups and stews for the same reason. Fodder: Goats and camels in the dry parts of Sudan browse on C. edulis. Fuel: The species is a source of excellent firewood. Poison: In Kenya, a piece of the root is fixed into a hut roof as a snake repellent. Medicine: Roots contain an active ingredient, carissin, that may prove useful in the treatment of cancer. The twigs contain quebrachytol and cardioglycosides that are useful as an anthelmintic against tapeworm. In Guinea, the boiled leaves are applied as poultice to relieve toothache. Root bark is mixed with spices and used as an enema for lumbago and other pains in Ghana; root scrapings are used for glandular inflammation; ground-up roots are used as a remedy for venereal diseases, to restore virility, to treat gastric ulcers, cause abortion, and as an expectorant. An infusion of roots along with other medicinal plants is used for treating chest pains, and a root decoction is also used for treating malaria.It has also Antiviral effect very successful in treating Herpes simplex virus and other several viral infections.

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Well, I can hardly wait to talk to Bongo Mzizi, the famous 'medicinal man' in Tanga, and our medical researchers as well as medical doctors about all this within the context of 'modern science', 'western rationality' and African systems of knowledge production and preservation!
Posted by Chambi Chachage at 7:44 AM

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