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MASAI MMS CONNECTION 03 Mar 2011 05:11 #1038

  • ZnzMagic
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A good family friend of mine pointed out to me a few years ago that the Masai in Tanzania around Lake Natron have a yearly festival where big pots of goat soup are cooked and local salty volcanic mineral from the shores of Lake Natron and the Ol Doinyo Lengai, The Mountain of God which stands nearby are added.


The local salt or volcanic ash the Masais not only paint their faces with when young man become full warriors and are thrown out to the world to fend for themselves in the wild bush, but is also put into the soup, they call this salt which is made up of much sodium in their language KLORITI which funny enough sounds like a harder pronunciation of CHLORITE.

Once the soup is drunken, most of them have to run to nearby bushes with khanga/kitenge (colourfu lpieces of local cloth) tied around their waists for them to release their bowels- does this sound similar to some of you, MMS has similar properties when cleaning out your system and this is a traditional Masai ceremony/festival.

You hardly come across a Masai with any diseases as a matter of fact, I have never seen a Masai in a hospital, I think the Masais themselves do not know what they are sitting on and what healing properties their ceremony holds.

Of further interest is the following story coming out of Loliondo currently, a small town north of Lake Natron.

Heard this 3 days ago and I have also verified the story with independent sources- an old man who is an ex priest is treating all diseases with 100% success rate, diseases are cured right on the spot, costs 500TSH per person for the cure (0.33.- USD per person, $1.- USD is approx 1500.- Tanzanian Shillings), he keeps 200TSH for himself and 300TSH he donates to the church and if you offer him more money as a thank you after the cure he tells you to take your donation to the Mosque, a man with principals.

200 to 300 cars full of ill and sick persons are visiting him daily, from ministers to normal people, he has a plant in front of him that he says is part of the medicine, whatever disease you have he asks you to pray right in front of him, then he gives you a glass of a liquid that you have to drink right there, some people vomit right there on the spot and get immediate relief, you are cured of your disease whatever it is.

You are not allowed to go away with any of the liquid he offers as medicine, you have to drink it there.

Friends in Arusha who I have confirmed the story with tell many many tour operators who used to take tourist with their cars to Ngorongoro and Serengeti safaris have simply moved into the business of transporting sick people to Loliondo daily and returning them cured the same day, my story can be verified simply by calling anyone you know or dont know in Arusha and checking my facts here.

Some friends I have shared this with say its a joke, I am a clown, it hurts but its true I am telling the truth and have asked them to verify my story, I do not tell long stories!!!

In a couple of weeks if I do have resources and the time I probably want to go and visit this old man just for the entertainment value of the story, most people are here witnessing the scenes up there are in hilarious fits with what is happening and I shall update this, so far this breaking story has to broken onto news channels but its going down, I fear only GOD and do not tell long stories and give people hope, I speak the truth.

Have a similar story coming out of Iringa region in Tanzania too from a complete separate source, never asked no one to share this info with me but simple people like a carwash boy friend of mine calls me up and shares such stories with me.

All I have to say is that GOD is GREAT, MIRACLES do happen...... and it seems we are entering the age of Miracles and Revolts......

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Re: MASAI MMS CONNECTION 04 Mar 2011 11:29 #1067

  • Michael Harrah
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These stories are very interesting. Especially if the Masais really are taking sodium chlorite. That certainly would keep them out of the hospitals.

I like that old priest! Based on what Jim has reported, the 100% cure rate is very believable. It looks like he learned how to use MMS. So long as he is helping people and making it affordable for them, I say more power to him. He is not hurting people like the doctors and pharmaceutical companies are doing.

Thanks again for sharing ZnzMagic. May Heaven smile on your efforts and guide your steps in standing up for the truth. I look forward to your reports and will share them wherever I can.


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