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TOPIC: Troglodite gets Cancer from Radon in his cave...

Troglodite gets Cancer from Radon in his cave... 21 Jun 2016 07:41 #52561

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Hi to everyone here.
I retired (with ill health) to Spain and have been trying to start a better life here in a cave with my dogs.

Spain has the highest radiation in Europe, however the area I'm living in in Andalucia is supposedly low risk from radiation...
Eight years in I discover that I've got Cancer, probably both Lungs and Liver from Radon Gas in my cave. Not only that but the liver damage has pushed me into being Alcoholic. (No I never drank that much so it wasn't that) So I can't even enjoy a drink anymore. Dxxn!
I've installed a radon removing ventilation system in the cave, but now discover that at times (when it's not rained and wind is low) that the radon level in the air OUTSIDE is much higher than some would believe! So keeping the level inside below the official danger level of 200 is pretty well impossible. I had expected the winter to be the problem time with less ventilation, however it seems now that the summer is actually worse.
And no the property here isn't selling and no I don't have the money to make a move...

I had been on a maximum anti-cancer diet for over six months and symptoms had reduced significantly, however they seemed to have reached a plateaux and not going down any more. (Oh - I don't trust doctors enough even to go for a diagnosis.)
I heard about MMS and CDS from a neighbour here and have now been using CDS for a couple of months. Yes I have had some further improvement but can't yet use the "cured" word.

I've made some improvements to the process of making the CDS which I will post here soon.

One of my dogs was diagnosed with Lieshmania. Dxxn! She had it I believe before I took her on. I think all the stray dogs have it, if they've had a season worth of exposure! It's quite possible that the other two have a level of it too, so they're participating in preventative treatment - well it saves me the trouble of carrying TWO water canteens around...
I have posted about this elsewhere already but she has made some definite improvement on CDS. Like me she has significant Liver damage and it's that which causes most of the symptoms. Patches of skin that had gone virtually bald are now luxuriant with fur again. Red Raw patches on her paws have made improvement. A bad "urine" smell from her skin has really reduced almost to nothing. She still has some skin irritiation and periodically gets bunged up glands but I'm hopin that she's well on the way to a cure. She's already got much more energy and seems much happier.

Here's to hoping for the future for all of us.
and a motto, which is just as applicable here as in my former Christian background:-
"Don't let the lying bxggxxs fool you anymore!"
"Don't let the lying bxggxxs fool you anymore!"
Neither Politicians, Members of your "target" sex (whichever you happen to be), Businesspeople, Religious Frauds or Health Frauds!
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Troglodite gets Cancer from Radon in his cave... 06 Aug 2016 19:32 #53107

Lol, are you really living in a cave or you just calling your house that way. I suffer similar issue, actually I am sensitive to any chemicals - the smell. There is no way to escape, I think I only need to fix myself somehow. Just started MMS.
Hope you get better!

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