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TOPIC: Hi from Australia again!

Hi from Australia again! 27 Apr 2016 03:59 #52067

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Hello everyone! I am also from Australia and yesterday I ordered my first MMS supply (MMS1 and 50% citric acid) and now waiting for it to arrive.
My friend who just introduced me to MMS recommended me to start with one drop of each for one week, then increase to 2 doses in second week, 3 doses in the third week and so on; she told to mix for 1 minute then put filtered water in a glass, take before food.

I started my own research and found that I should be doing it between meals.

What is the first Jim Humble's book I should read? Please advise. Would this be "MMS Health Recovery Manual (Pre-Release #2) (2015)" or "Master Mineral Solution of the 3rd Millennium (2011) (Ebook)"?

I also found the other book by Jim Humble "Breakthrough, The Miracle Mineral Solution of the 21st century, 4th Edition". I found this book also available in Russian language. I am Russian speaking. Would you recommend to read this book first, second, third or recommend at all?

I don't want to delay start taking MMS as soon as it arrives hence I'm asking your advice. Could you please point me to chapters I should read first in order not to make mistakes (or perhaps videos or forum instructions would be easier for me)? I am suffering from mild chronic gastritis for about 6-8 months (no h pylori detected). Have done a bunch of medical tests, blood (fine), urine (fine), stool (fine), x-ray (barium swallow) - no hernia, ultra sound - no abnormalities, endoscopy - normal, no ulcer, only biopsy confirmed mild chronic gastritis. Horrible pain inside the chest just above the stomach, food sensitivities, dark circles under the eyes. Naturopath tests confirmed kidney and liver problems and bacteria overgrowth, my tongue is coated.

English is my second language, but I want to get educated fast for initial use of MMS so not to delay taking it when it arrives and then at the same time reading Jim's books. I will appreciate all help and answers. God bless you all!

P.S. forgot to ask. Is there a specific protocol I should be using for my situation?

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Hi from Australia again! 27 Apr 2016 04:39 #52068

Hello kentaurus and welcome to the G2C forum.

All of Jim's books would be good to have but the latest one, MMS Health Recovery Guide , will have the most up-to-date protocols.

Instead of following one protocol for a particular ailment as in the past, now there is the Health Recovery Plan (HRP) found in this latest book. You always begin ingesting MMS following the Starting Procedure followed by Protocol 1000, etc.

I would suggest to purchase some 4% HCL activator as some protocols require that instead of 50% citric. And, you will like the taste much better than citric acid. :)

Let us know your progress in restoring your health.
2 ml of 3000 ppm original CDS equals a 1 drop MMS1 dose in a normal stomach
Websites: MMSinfo.org * www.facebook.com/groups/ebolacures/
Instructional Videos: www.youtube.com/channel/UCXv6hCnvjMmGg4_AYq4wlNw
Instructional Videos: www.real.video/channel/clo2works
Answers to many questions are in Jim Humble's books: jhbooks.org/
How to use CDS, CDH in Protocols: www.mmsinfo.org/infosheets/CDS_CDH_and_Protocols-2.pdf
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Hi from Australia again! 06 May 2016 20:08 #52192

I would suggest to purchase some 4% HCL activator as well

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