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Question Best wishes from Slovakia...

13 Feb 2016 13:01 #51074 by stevie48
Best wishes from Slovakia... was created by stevie48
My name is Stevie and I am from Slovakia,like Peter Sagan for example . I try to finde some help and oportunites also on Your succesfully FORUM.
First of all for my tinnitus problems and insomnia (sleep disorders).
I hope-after some atempt in the last years -my efforts bring succes finally. right here.
With best wishes,

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13 Feb 2016 19:10 #51083 by libortx
Replied by libortx on topic Best wishes from Slovakia...
Hi, I hope we can stay in touch, I am also having some partial success with similar issues working with MMS. Ringing in the ears indicates possible candida/ fungus problem. That seems to take much longer to take care of than other issues, because you need to detoxify, that would take the food source from the fungus and then, hopefully, the body would be able to restore the auditory nerves or what ever is causing it. I hope we will have more people sharing their experience because this is very frustrating. I also suffer from brain fog, likely the same reason.
Dej mi vedet zkrze soukromou zpravu, jestli se chces podelit o zkusenosti. Ja bydlim v Texasu, ale rad pokecam.
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