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Question Starting

08 Feb 2016 18:56 #51002 by Miksu
Starting was created by Miksu
Hello and thank you for this good forum and other good things. I'm new in there and motivated. I have collected lots of information mainly about mms and starting, protocols etc.

I buy stainless steel water distiller and i use distilled water to take clo2. I think that i store this mixture in 1 L glass water bottle and refrigerate it. Taking hourly and begin with starting procedure. My mms product says sodium chlorite 22.4% but tiny "manual" says "use one or more drops of this bottle for a gallon of water". This means some kind of water purification and not to be confused with main mms starting quantity? Should i start with 1/4 drops or should i start with 1 drop for a gallon of water? It doesn't matter if 3 drops/hour is not exceeded?

I have tested this product. I mix 1 drop of 22.4% sodium chlorite to 1 drop of 4% hcl. I noticed very fast that mixed drops turned dark brown and i smelled "burnt" smell. Is this normal? I should mix drops in well ventilated place. My eyes chervil a little? Is this normal? I'm confused about the strong reaction and only 1 drop mix of both...

In autumn 2011, i get strong nicotine poisoning that last about 2 hours. It feels horrible and i get panic disorder later. I don't touch electric cigarettes never again but now i use "manitou organic additive free tobacco" about dozen a day. My panic disorder are "special" and i don't get anxiety or panic always. I living alone. I get panic easily and this kind of healing protocols may be a problem. I know that i get better if using mms but i should fight this anxiety and panic things at the same time...

My tongue is white, i get anxiety easily and usually feeling tired. I might have parasites... My medical records says that i'm allergic to "sulfa". DMSO and "sulfa" are different things? I know that fungus may need DMSO but i test it first at little area before take with mms1. Should i start without DMSO and in this case how long to use mms1 without dmso?

I have other helpful supplements in handy. Camu camu capsules (vitamin c for herx reactions?), zeolite capsules, diatomaceous earth, msm (methylsulfonylmethane), neem leaf, chanca piedra, vitamin d3/k2, trace minerals, magnesium citrate powder, calcium of food, activated charcoal capsules.

What if i take mms with capsules? 1 capsule for sodium chlorite and 1 capsule for hcl? It doesn't matter?

Thanks and love to all!

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08 Feb 2016 21:12 - 08 Feb 2016 21:29 #51003 by Miksu
Replied by Miksu on topic Starting
I have visual snow and tinnitus too. I think than vaccines are reason why my health is so bad.

When i was a child (6 years old), i bed-wetting every night and i begin to headbanging to my pillow because otherwice i can't sleep or fall asleep. I have also itching anus and that refers to pin-worms. Second MMR shot was administered those days and i think that visual snow and white tongue started because this vaccine. In the other heel i have tiny maybe 7 mm x 7 mm hole and i see some kind of fibers that don't move. I try to take them off but with time it faded. I healed from chickenpox also.

When I was (9 years old), the dog attacked me and put his claw or tooth through the stomach. I think that this maybe worsen thinks. I'm very fatalistic and logical thinker and sometimes i don't enjoy it.

In the puberty (13 years old), these sleep problems starts again and this time i don't bed-wetting or hit my head to pillow but i get "panic feelings" before fall asleep and this last about 6 months.

Now i'm (29 years old), man and my weight is around 78 kg. I live similarly at every day but my "OCD" is not as bad as when i was 17 years of age. Progress has been made but i'm still in the shell and i like to completely broke that shell and heal completely.

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09 Feb 2016 01:09 #51005 by libortx
Replied by libortx on topic Starting
You are a great candidate for reading Jim Humble's book about MMS. In the meanwhile, let me tell you that the 1 drop for 1 gallon instructions apply for water purification, not for any of MMS protocols. The seller obviously and smartly provided the product as water purification chemical together with the instructions. But you have the right stuff, don't worry.
As far as vitamin C supplement, you mentioned in your post, do not combine it with the protocol. If you are concerned about vit C deficiency, load up on oranges, lemons or what ever fruit rich on vit C but make sure to eat that at least 1.5 hrs after your last dose of MMS of the day. They are exemptions to that but you will be on the safe side doing it that way.
With the list of health issues as you mentioned, get ready for a bumpy and rather long road. Every true healing means detoxification and detox is hardly ever pleasant experience. I am going through it myself. Go very slowly. Before you think about DMSO or other boosters, follow the new "Starting Procedure", that is 1/4 of a drop of activated MMS1 (that is the brown smelly liquid you observed) in 1 ounce of good clean water every hour for 8 hours a day. How can you break a drop into 1/4? Activate one drop MMS (as you already did), add 4 ounces on water, mix a bit and drink only one ounce of that liquid. You can throw away the rest and prepare a new dose the same way every hour or you can save the 3/4s in a closed container in your fridge and drink one ounce every hour for next 3 hours. After several days of this, if you don't experience any new problems, you can transition into protocol 1000 by doing the same but slowly increasing the hourly dose to 1/2, one, two and finally 3 drops. Stay on that for several weeks. The standard protocol 1000 calls for 21 days or as long as the person is sick. By then you will hopefully be very well educated by reading the materials from the book, the G2 site and this forum.
I hope this helped, good luck and best of health.
Reverend Libor
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