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Question My story (sorry it's kind of long)

01 Oct 2015 20:03 #50263 by retnuh
My story (sorry it's kind of long) was created by retnuh
I'm going to write this without leaving any of the details out while maintaining humility.

My name is Hunter and recently over the past few years my health has taken a serious turn for the worse. Being of the young age that I am, my lifestyle choices were of course sub par to say the least.

The beginning
I was doing great, I had just purchased my first home with my now wife. We decided to go ahead and rent a trench digger to add some irrigation sprinkler lines to some parts of our yard. Our yard was rather large so I had to run the trencher approximately 12ish hours to complete the task. This was of course with little breaks due to the excitement of working on our first home......life is well. Then it starts....BAM! the next day I wake up to find both of my hands were numb, wrists covered in white/red blotches, and my neck hurt. I go to a general doctor and he quickly came to the conclusion "Oh this is hives" and I quickly replied I've never had such a thing and I don't even have allergies. He then said don't worry just take some benadryl and some of this prednisone. So I go home and take that initial dose of prednisone pack which I believe was a total of 40mg on the initial dose and then the two week taper. Initially when taking the prednisone I was pumped up beyond belief and why not because the hives went away just like the doctor said. That moment right there was the freight train in the distance.

After the first course of prednisone was done, the same symptoms came back with a vengeance. So I returned to the same doctor who had prescribed me the prednisone only for him to tell me that he couldn't help me outside of prednisone/benadryl combo and needed to see a dermatologists and possibly an allergist.

The middle-
The dermatologists office was quite the contrast to the original doctor. The doctor told me to brace myself that I would probably have this condition forever or at least an extended period of time because by the time I finally was seen by them, 6 weeks had passed. She of course went through a series questions and tests checking who even knows what only to conclude that I should take prednisone/benadryl and possibly disable my immune system with a drug called sulfasalazine(spelling). So after much deliberation and thought I said OK, I'll try the sulfasalazine. So I get it prescribed and start swalloing these down. I'm seeing no changes whatsoever.... (weeks pass) So I call the doctor to give her an update at which point she informed me that I was suppose to STOP taking the prednisone while taking the sulfasalazine..... so I did even though in the back of my head I knew this was a mistake I thought "trust in the doctor they know what they're doing" Oh how wrong I was... full blow explosion of these "hives" as they call them. So I get an emergency appoint with the dermatologists only to be told.... "You need to take the benadryl/prednisone, and possibly see an allergist. Sorry but there is nothing more I can do for you".

While waiting for the appoint to the allergists I'm still battling the condition even in the presence of upwards of 60mgs of prednisone and 12 benadryl a day. The allergist was booked for 3 months in advance and I could be placed on a dropout list but that was quite long as well and the chances were slim. I was not able to see him earlier. I went into the allergist and this point in a haze and what I can only explain as "the feeling of dying really slowly" The original condition of hives has now sprouted into a constant benadryl high mixed with a racing heart, profuse sweating, insomnia, massive weight gain, joint paint, blurring vision, and borderline diabetes from the prednisone. You must understand that it was not my choice to gain the weight as any physical activity would cause me a severe attack and borderline ER visit. But I digress, I see the doctor and of course he's telling I have sever hives and am probably allergic to all sorts of stuff. I had the same response with added conjecture as I did with the dermatologist. "I'm not allergic to anything and I don't think these are hives.... they don't even look like hives.... looks like i'm bleeding on the inside of my body everywhere". This of course was brushed off casually by him as he knows "best" so he decides to start doing a whole panel of allergy tests for everything you can think of. And what do you know NO ALLERGIES! And his only response to that was "well, some people just get hives". I then said ok.... so where do we go from here. He then told me of an experimental use of a drug called xoilar which was originally used in inhalers for people with chronic asthma but they've been having some success with injecting intravenous which would be admiinistered by an immunologist.

At this point the gravity of the situation began to sink in as I had begun to discover that the only things keeping me alive were also killing(prednisone/benadryl/sleep aids) me and to take an experimental drug is a scary task to undertake. In the highly emotional state I was in after leaving the office I decided to go ahead and get some alcohol and drink it even though they told me not while on prednisone but I figured it can't get worse then this. So I drank, I laughed and cried leaning on the comforting shoulder of my loving wife as she watched me descend into madness. The next morning I awoke with anticipated hangover but to my surprise none and oddly enough I have zero "hives" showing through my skin. This effect lasted for roughly 3 days before it began to burst through me again. Confused while pondering the hindsight of the situation. I decided to drink again the following weekend(this time keeping my wits about me) and to my surprise the "hives" had diapered again. I thought WOW! this might mean something so I tell each one of the doctors I had seen so far and none of them seemed to care and I had the feeling that no only did they not care they didn't even believe me.

So the thick plot so far is that I can take these experimental injections which are 1200 dollars a shot with 2 needed per month, so 2400 dollars..... I only take home about 30k a year so annually that would cost me 28800 dollars. Liquor I know now works but how much damage would be done drinking all the time and it only worked while on prednisone so combine the damages and you can easily see the disaster coming. So I decide against both and take to the internet to find someone that has the same issues only to find that they are living the same hell as I am. Losing hope fast it starts to wash over into my personal life and I begin to lose acquaintances, friends, and tight relationships with family. For those of you who don't know prednisone has the same side effect as anabolic steroids where your temper shoots up and you only realize it after the fact(roid rage).

I'm stuck in purgatory... continue my path and die long and slow or stop taking my meds and die fast and painful. It was around this time I had stumbled across an article of Stanley Jacob. The light has shown through and this sounds promising. Absolutely terrifying but promising! I quickly ordered some dmso and continued to read around the product while it was being shipped to me. When it arrived I quickly began to use the same methods that someone had described on a forum for a similar hive issue. I was to ingest 1 ounce of dmso in water 2 times a day. Might of been the placebo effect right here or possibly the odd sense of a weight lifted but I felt good enough to lift the world up after the first time drinking it. The only problem here was that I didn't pay much attention to those warning of the smell of dmso which you would think would be a small price to pay for wellness. The whole time while taking DMSO I didn't smell it at all but the first time I was told I smelled horrible was by my wife. It was the second day of taking it and I was feeling great and stepping down off prednisone. I began to wrestle(actual wrestle not the other wrestle) around with my wife for the first time in what felt like ages and she said in the haste of the excitement "get off me you stink!" I could see the look in her face try and swallow the words back from the air. It cannot be unheard...
I go to work that Monday only to be ridiculed so badly about the way I smelled even after explaining to the co-workers that it was saving my life. They only took joke of the situation and I was only to be sent home....

I had no choice but to stop taking the DMSO despite how much it was helping me. I searched and searched for various ways to make the smell go away but the internet had no information on that front. The nail in the coffin was when I got an email from Jacob labs saying "sorry there is no real way to get rid of the smell".

I'm back into climbing to super high prednisone. Time goes by and I have some good days sprinkled in there where I'm trying to enjoy the life I have remaining around me. But mostly the days are full of pain.

A year goes by and I'm not 90 pounds heavier (290 pounds total), blood pressure issues, vision problems, pain in my penis when ejaculating, chronic onset prostatitis, ringing ears. At this point I've had more blood work, xrays, prostate exames, colonoscopies, MRI's, etc etc then the average 25 year old male.

The now-
I then read of a brilliant man named George Lakhovsky who healed people back in early to mid 90's with weird type of tesla coil contraption. I won't bore you with the conspiracy details but to sum up: he healed a great deal of people and he was killed. Intrigued by this I naturally start looking for people who have already attempted to remake his device and as luck would have it a while back a couple of engineers in Italy had found an original device and were reverse engineering it down to the exact specs and were making a book on it! This could help me I thought! I of course joined a forum and was discussing blueprints and designing one myself with a forum moderator. He asked why I was wanting to make one and I explained to him the same story I'm telling you. He then told me I should try MMS but I read MSM which is like DMSO 2.0 for those of you who don't know. I told him I had already tried it for quite some time with no luck hoping to replicate the effects of DMSO. He must of thought I just did a typo because he didn't acknowledge the incorrect acronym. This was roughly 4 months ago and I don't know what possessed me to look back through his emails he sent me but I did and it said M-M-S not M-S-M. Not really sure why it stood out to me this time but it did.

So now here I am. I've been reading and will have MMS shortly but if anyone has any advice, any help, any guidance on what to do I would greatly appreciate it. I know I've read that I'm to use protocol 1000 but any advice outside of that would be greatly received and appreciated.

I'm going to post my story outside of the greetings because I know not everyone reads the greetings on forums.

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02 Oct 2015 07:33 #50269 by mariannhvw
Replied by mariannhvw on topic My story (sorry it's kind of long)
Hello Hunter.

Thank you for your story. Well I'd say, take a deep breath, relax, start protocol 1000 but after the starting protocol. After one week also use MMS1 in the bath, see bath protocol.
Then keep us informed on how you go. I have the feeling that you are going to be an inspiration to many people.

Best wishes,


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20 Oct 2015 22:47 #50359 by HariSeldon
Replied by HariSeldon on topic My story (sorry it's kind of long)
Hello Hunter,
Your story is reminiscent of some cases of Lyme disease I had to treat, especially the hand/wrists syndrome. The reaction to prednisolone is also typical: sadly immunosuppressants can alleviate the symptoms, but since it is a bacterial infection, symptoms flare the moment you stop taking them. Booze can wreck the complex ecosystems of the bacteria and stop its feeding frenzy but I don't advise it; too heavy on the liver an it is the one who will help you evacuate the toxins.
On the therapeutic side, start with the 1000, gradual doses or you might get a Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction (worsening of the symptoms because MMS works too well). When at 3 drops/h you can add MMS2. Be sure to load up on vitamins (except C) and mineral (magnesium and zinc mainly), and use plants known to drain the liver.
If it is indeed Lyme, Herb Richards wrote a good book about it, and be patient: it might take a year before going back to the land of the living.
See you in health!
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