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Question Introduction from Dr. Wil Spencer VMSP, Naturopath

18 Jan 2011 18:25 #268 by wilspencer
I am glad to be here to share with you all how I use Jim Humble's formula which you all call MMS. I have changed the name of Jim's formula to Advanced Oxygen Therapy (AOT), which I feel is a more descriptive name, and have my manufacturing company produce it, Environotics Unlimited, www.environotics.com .

I have been using and helping people use AOT or MMS for a couple of years now with amazing results from Asthma to zits.

Advanced Oxygen Therapy is just one component to a health and healing program I call our "Vibrant Health Program".

In this forum I will be sharing my testimonies and experiences along with how and what I do for people while they are on their path to vibrant health using my "Vibrant Health Program".

My clinic web site is www.bodyelectrician.com . This web site is my main vehicle to put out information to the public. As of today, January 18, 2011, the web site is under-construction and being updated and reformatted to handle the huge influx of information we are bringing to the public domain.

My view of health is quite different then most health care practitioners as my view of health comes from Nature and working with the natural forces that we humans are constrained to and with. All this and more will be of discussion in this forum.

Feel free to ask your questions as this forum is here to educate and support the use of AOT, MMS or what ever you want to call it. I call it amazing!

Thanks for being here and there are no such things as accidents,
Dr. Wil Spencer VMSP, Naturopath

Dr. Wil Spencer VMSP, Naturopath
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