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Question cirrhosis of the liver

28 Jun 2016 14:43 - 28 Jun 2016 14:43 #52625 by MichaelNB
Replied by MichaelNB on topic cirrhosis of the liver

Tuppence wrote: I contracted Hep C through blood products in hospital :angry: nearly 30 years approx unbeknown...now have Cirrhosis :angry: ...protocol MMS2....took 1 tablet morning 1 tablet 12 hours later....debilitating pain in liver, abdominal and chest paining 3rd day...rendered me bed bound and much pain...didn't take 1 tablet for morning...will take another tonight...very worried liver is being damaged more or unable to bear more pain....tried MMS1 but not satisfied with results....ANY suggestions please or insights

I am very sorry for you Tuppence that MMS1 did not worked for you and the second one is so painful. I have neither Hep C nor liver cirrhosis so I can't relate from personal experience, however there's a friend of mine who had both and he said that " Sovaldi " helped him very much. I don't know very well how much and how quick because he is mostly only my acquaintance than a friend but at least that's the little I know about Hepatitis C and liver cirrhosis.. hope it is going to help you..

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16 Jul 2016 22:25 - 16 Jul 2016 22:26 #52989 by Duduosun
Replied by Duduosun on topic cirrhosis of the liver
Hello I have experienced in this area first you need to do parasite cleanse and liver and gallbladder flush see drclark website on this
I had same problem while I was first taken mms1 and mms2 the feelings you have without parasite cleanse is horible reason you already have many parasite in your system
Get rid of parasite for 2 weeks and start MMS slowly them you will feel better do the advance parasite cleanse
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