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Question Hepatitis C, Deafness, Lyme disease

09 Jan 2011 23:25 - 09 Jan 2011 23:26 #209 by brtanner
Hepatitis C, Deafness, Lyme disease was created by brtanner
This testimonial from (Max?) was included as a comment under an article on the raid by the UK Trading Standard Office on Derek Ellis, a Jim Humble trained MMS Minister of Health:


December 24, 2010 at 9:48 am

Re: MMS: Derek ELLIS under ATTACK- you have a ….

So let me get this straight, the gov,t came onto your private property, and seized your mms, a substance you can by in any, and every pool supply store in the world, every hardware store, even some of the big chains carry it. Oh yeah, they are getting worried, why?, because mms2, has the ability to obliterate the pharmaceutical industry, and expose it for what it is, a corrupted, poisonous mess..MMS2 has cured my hepatitis c, cured my ever increasing deafness, from 85% hearing loss, completely returned ,plagued with infection,s in both ears for 40 years, gone virtually over night.I was prescribed medication,s antibiotic for 40 years, and i never once needed them.They told me my hep c was virtually untreatable, and i was not “sick enough yet”, to qualify for interferon treatment, which i would never do anyway, cured in 1 week, with mms2, gone, never to return.Now that i am strong enough, i have just started treating my Lyme disease, with mms1&2{a tough nut to crack, let me tell you, the most complex bacterial organism ever found on earth.And believe me when i tell you, there is no help out there for lyme suffers, you are all alone, completely isolated, from any kind of help, and MMS2 for lyme suffers is a healing bolt of lighting from the heavens.Let me just say , Mr Humbles foundation, is in my will. I can,t speak for anyone else, nor would i, but mms saved my life, and has rendered doctor,s completely unnecessary in my life.In fact since i discovered MMS2, it put me on the path, of undoing all the damage caused by misdiagnosis, mistreatment, from inadequately educated doctors,whom have plagued me , my entire life.I have gone from the “boy who cried wolf”, now i am the wolf, in charge of my own health, my own life.I discovered that i need a doctor between my body, and my brain, like i need a priest between me, and my creator, it,s no longer necessary.PEACE LOVE ALWAYS…MAX…BELL RINGING CONDUIT CLOSED
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10 Jan 2011 13:48 #214 by Edwin3110
Replied by Edwin3110 on topic Hepatitis C, Deafness, Lyme disease
Well done Bruce;

You speak the truths...

I personally was healed from many symptoms using only MMS2, but MMS1 let me vomit out many unwanted thingy when i reach 6drops, now am all good and well. I could have gotten into serious problem if i dont come across MMS. Afterall is my good intention that end me with Jim MMS cos i try to help a friend who just gotten the breast cancer.

She is currently under our MMS Treatments, everything looks great and bright i would say, but will inform public only when i am sure she won it. She was suspected stage 3 cancer patient. she had rejected doctor request for radiotherapy after 8 chemo injection.

Minister of Health, Penang. Malaysia.

Creator of CDH Plus 1000
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