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Question Sodium Chlorite... 99.99%

20 Nov 2017 02:53 #56743 by iBenny
Sodium Chlorite... 99.99% was created by iBenny
Why buy NaCl2 80% to make the solution and deal with the 20% byproducts that contains questionable elements when we can buy 99.99% pure Sodium Chlorite ???

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20 Nov 2017 03:26 #56744 by CLO2
Replied by CLO2 on topic Sodium Chlorite... 99.99%

What about 99%+ ACS Grade?
While the fact that it contains no inert ingredients may seem attractive, this grade of sodium chlorite is quite dangerous to handle. At purities approaching 90%, Sodium Chlorite becomes unstable. It can be percussively explosive, cause organic material to spontaneously combust, and it is reactive to sunlight.

The inert salts added to the 80% and 90% Sodium Chlorite act as buffers and stabilize it. 80% is easy to store, handle, and is more forgiving to light, and temperature.

I would strongly discourage anyone without knowledge and experience with this chemical to avoid procuring 99% Sodium Chlorite.

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