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Question New here-have adv. Periodontitis and loose molar

03 Sep 2012 07:41 #22442 by juju
Oops, I had meant to get up at 6 am and take the vitamin c (1 tsp) combined with 1/2 tsp baking soda, but got up too late. My mms protocol begins at 09:30, and from what I understand, one should wait 3 hours afterwards, before taking activated mms. Yesterday, I took 3 drops of activated mms every hour for 10 hours, and water pic/ sort of brush teeth (my loose tooth is way too sensitive to vibration to allow brushing) every 2 hours. I rinced my mouth, after gargling with water, in case acid is still on the teeth. At 12 midnight, I took the vitamin c with baking powder. So far, I have not noticed any improvement. I only began six days ago, and only 4 days of taking mms internally. I think I will stay with 3 drops mms every hour for now.
I read, yesterday about the amazing healing properties of oil-pulling and of brushing teeth with xylitol:http://www.healingteethnaturally.com/testimonial-oil-pulling-cures-serious-gum-disease-with-bone-loss.html
I ordered the xylitol yesterday and will start the oil-pulling tomorrow after I go get organic oil :)
Lastly, I am slowly reading my way through this site, and the information is rather amazing, and mind-opening to me. I know healing happens on so many levels, and I find it truly profound to reflect on this: The ability to accept your life and not resist anything – it depends on what you are ready for and what you’re interested in, but you can use this acceptance procedure. I’ve seen a lot of people change their lives with this procedure. About 60% of people say “so what?” but 40% have used it from time to time and I’ve been teaching people to use it for many years – acceptance. If you can accept things the way they are, and not fight against them, this is the key. You cannot change the past so you may as well accept it because as long as you resist, you have a much harder time making your life work. So the ability to accept things is easy but a lot of people have forgotten how to do it. I will show you how to do it now.
Look around the room and find something that is acceptable, okay just the way it is. You don’t want to change anything about this thing.
Now I’ll ask you to take a little more responsibility and I will tell you what to accept. Accept this board. Accept this fan. Accept that chair. Accept this column that holds the building up, etc.
Now accept something that is not here – the couch in your living room, the chair, some dishes in your kitchen, even if they are dirty. Now create a mental picture – an airplane flying above us. Now accept that airplane. Picture an oak tree, a boat sailing across the water. Now, instead of a picture, think of a concept – for instance, going to Washington to talk with the president. Not the picture of it, just the concept.
Now going to South America on vacation.
Now recall a time that you enjoyed yourself, a time at the beach, whatever time it was, I want you to accept that.
Now recall another time that you enjoyed yourself. Now accept that time, accept the people that were there.
One more time, recall a time that you really enjoyed yourself. Accept it.
Now, a little bit harder – a time that you didn’t enjoy yourself. Accept that, no matter how hard it is. You can’t do anything about it now, so accept it.
During that time there was an emotion, anger, frustration, etc. Accept that emotion and the fact that you created that emotion.
Now recall another emotion from that time and accept it.
One more bad time. Accept that it happened, that it existed, just as it was. Anger, fear, etc., accept those emotions.
Accept the fact that you created it.
Now there has to be at least one more emotion that you created. Find it, accept it.
One more bad time, something really tough. Accept that bad time, whatever it was.
You can’t do anything to change it now – accept it.
Now, the future…picture a coffin…..a funeral home….you are in the coffin, your dead body. Accept the fact that this is so. Accept the fact that this is a future reality and that sometime, way in the future, you will be in the coffin. Accept it. There’s an emotion there, and I want you to accept that emotion. One more emotion is there too, it might even be joy. Accept that emotion.
Now go outside and accept everything in the yard.
Take 10 minutes to do this.

(Students go out in the courtyard for a time and then come back into the classroom.)
Over the years there have been hundreds of thousands of ways to meditate. Each person gets what they want from their meditation and you are no exception. You can get most anything you want from understanding how to accept your life. This is true of any kind of meditation and any kind of desire. You might go to India and meditate for years and years with the gurus there. You may wind up being in a great situation or you might wind up accepting whatever you meditate on there in india too.
Mainly, this universe is about playing the game, not meditating inside of some mountain or building. You could go to an ashram in india and meditate for 20 years in that building, but playing the game of this universe is the way to find out what life really is about.
I found this on the forum under "DAY 3 TRANSCRIPTS".
I will use this meditation, to help heal my mind and soul. The last 3 years I had 3 very important people in my life make the transition into death: my mother, my husband, and 6 months ago my little 22 month old granddaughter died. So, it is no wonder my teeth are acting out. Time to use acceptance! Thanks for all your help. I will keep on reporting about my teeth.

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18 Oct 2012 04:06 #25034 by juju
:( Dear friends of mms,
I ended up having my molar extracted yesterday. In a nutshell here is what happened.
I took mms internally every hour, working up to 7 drops, for a total of three weeks. I also continued using the water-pic with 20 drops of activated mms every two hours. I added DMSO to the warm water with activated mms. The vitamin c mixture I took at night, after waiting 3 hours of completing the 10 cycles of mms. After 3 weeks, I stopped the internal mms, but continued the brushing the teeth with the mms (10 drops of activated mms in 120 ml water), plus water-pic with activated mms every 2 hours. I never saw an improvement, and the molar got even more loose. I had dull, aching pain around the tooth, and could only eat soft food. Then, my gums around the tooth got inflamed, and I got swollen glands. Yesterday, I could barely work, and in the late afternoon, I went to the dentist, who told me that the ligaments around the tooth were gone, and I had an infection around the tooth, with nasty pus. The tooth extraction was over rather quickly, but it was uncomfortable. It still feels sore, and swollen, and I have to wait 24 hours to use mms again, due to the need of the wound to make a clot. I feel rather sad, let down, but I did try for probably too long to save my tooth. Now, I have to concentrate on saving my other teeth, which are in danger due to advanced gum disease. I hope that was my last tooth extraction. Honestly, right afterwards, I shook so bad. I still feel shocked.
I will keep you all informed.
Thank you all, anyway, for your help.

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18 Oct 2012 05:35 #25036 by rowbot
you have to do those courses seperately. first gargle with the mms every day and use the water pick to get in the tight spaces. at the same time, take some drops of mms internally(im not sure which protocol so look that up).
i cleared my gum disease in 2 days. i had had very sore cuts inbetween my teeth and terrible breath for more than 1 year and it was so horrible i didnt even want to go out. thats how i first discovered MMS and i was very pleased to get rid of it within a few days.

as far as vitamin c and bicarbonate of soda goes, you cant just use pharma grade vitamin c powder off the shelf, as it is poor quality and synthetic. you need to find another source, maybe camu camu or other such naturally derived compound that has no chemical element. anyhow you should wait until the gums/mouth is cured before having anything to do with vitamin c.

i also have a sensitivity probem with mms now, it made my teeth so sensitive even when i breath. it is certainly the acid. it happens to me even with CDS but much less. this made me very unsure about it, although it did kill the mouth bacteria and has helped with many other things.

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