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Question Herpes die off symptoms

20 Dec 2016 01:40 #54277 by Janbaz
Herpes die off symptoms was created by Janbaz
I am just wondering about herpes die off symptoms, Is there anyone who experienced the symptoms when the herpes virus dies ?
Last night I had an outbreak without noticing it, because before when I had outbreak always experienced,tingling ,tense and burning sensation but I do not have it now and the out break is only on red pimple not filled with puss or water . Thank you for helping and advicing me on this issue.
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20 Dec 2016 13:13 #54280 by Edwin3110
Replied by Edwin3110 on topic Herpes die off symptoms
For your info, you can always try to used the search functions to your question and see if you could find the answer you need before asking, during this search, you will learn lot about the disease other are discussing about it.

This forum is pack with informations that you should not miss if the disease is your concern for better understanding.

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The following user(s) said Thank You: Janbaz

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