Question Severe stomach cramping and gassy - colon cancer

18 May 2018 04:19 #58513 by Mmstravis
I am new to MMS. Just tried mms for 3 days and i have severe stomach cramp and whenever the gas rumbling in my stomach, the pain of the cramp will be intense till the gass stop rumbling. Hence each cramping is a few seconds and i am unable to do anything. The 1st day, i took 1 drop fist hour, then 3 drops next hour followed by another 3 drops. Second day i took 15 drops put into one liter of water for consume whole day. First day i feel great and i can feel mms attack my colon cancer. However on the 2nd day, i feel discomfort on my stomach and 3rd day i am unable to take mms anymore. I started to experience severe stomach churning and the pain is unbearable. I am having this stomach churning with loud gas rumbling sound in my stomach for more than a week now. I took some pain killers but it doesn't help. Can someone advice what i should do? I am having colon cancer for 1 year already and i refuse to do surgery and chemo. All this while i was doing coffee enema, castor oil rub and dmso rub on my stomach area. Only recently i tried mms but this severe stomach cramp cause by mms is quite worrying, not sure how to proceed from here. Appreciate someone can help here. Thank you.

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24 May 2018 14:58 #58543 by Edwin3110
Replied by Edwin3110 on topic Severe stomach cramping and gassy - colon cancer
I would advice you to get the MMS Book to read and follow the protocol.

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A Protocol that can adjust the strength of CD and SC for individual needs.
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