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17 Feb 2018 11:40 #57620 by Infinite life
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Hi,I have started taking MMS for a really weird knee problem in my left knee which was leading to back pain in the right side due to my shifting all my weight as compensation in the walking to avoid pain. Some time on the 16th of February 2018 , my left knee got " locked" , which means I can bend it but not straighten it - this makes walking extremely painful. This used to happen in 2010 and then it stopped . Now all of a sudden its happened again.
So after taking various types of stuff - decided to take up MMS. ( since I'm making it and giving it to people around who need it any way).
I'd just like to share my experience so far:
1. Started with starting procedure - had no change.
2. started with protocol 1000 - found taking one drop really difficult the taste was aweful , it burned my throat and my teeth started getting sensitive - looks like its eroding into the enamel. little bit of improvement in the pain, but still not able to walk or move with fully stretched leg.
3. Moved into the two drop dose - Had one bout of diarrhoea, so stopped for the day.
4. Decided to try out CDH instead - got the formula from the website- Made CDH ( in amber coloured bottle) and immediately put it in the fridge. Used 1 ml of CDH - this was much easier to take. although tickling the nose- but did not find much improvement . But continued with regular 8 hourly doses for three more days and did not find much improvement.
5. Decided to try out the bottle method: Mixed up 8 drops and added 8 oz of water and started taking one oz per hour - Got slightly better results.
6. moved up to mixing 16 drops in 8 oz of water and started taking one oz per hour - now my throat was on fire - had to drink down another 6oz of water to sooth the throat - but right through the day was really sore - so then just gave a break for the day. And my teeth were really sore too. Managed to take only two doses on this day. But did not have any diarrhoea or any other symptoms.
7. Had to miss a day as I was in various meetings and could not take the stuff with me.
8. Got back to taking the dose today. but am spacing them 2 hours apart because my throat is still sore and my teeth are still very sensitive. But am finding remarkable reduction in pain.
Am going to go for a walk - at least 2 kms to see if the knee holds.
would like to know if others have also felt the effect on their teeth and throat.
I do find the bottle method the most easy to do and also convenient, Its kept in the fridge all the time so the Chlorine Dioxide does not diminish.
I do put 1-2 ml of the CDH solution in my drinking water to keep it pathogen free.
If there is any one in India - wanting MMS. Please do email me. I am a chemist and make the stuff from the purest of ingredients. My activator is 4% HCL.
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18 Feb 2018 20:44 #57627 by CLO2
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Infinite life, please check your Private Messages above. Thanks.

2 ml of 3000 ppm original CDS equals a 1 drop MMS1 dose in a normal stomach
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20 Feb 2018 09:30 #57642 by Jim Humble
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As for the sensitive teeth and burning throat--it sounds like you may have mold or fungus in your throat and on and in your teeth. Try the mold/fungus protocol in the MMS Recovery Guidebook. Maybe do it twice. Drink the clay slowly each hour.You should be ok.

As for the problem with your knee. MMS often helps this kind of a problem, but 9 times out of 10 that kind of problem in the Knee (a problem that comes on for no apparent reason) is caused by the control circuits in the brain that control the muscles to the knee. They make the muscles pull against one another and it becomes very painful, after a year or two or three the cartilage begins to wear off and it become even more painful and then finally the knee has to be replaced. But there is a simple fix. The book, "Pain Free," by Pete Egoscue tells several exercises that over comes the bad control from the brain and the pain is gone in one or two weeks. It's fast for a cure, but can cause you to lose you leg if not handled. You can buy the book from Amazon and other places and I think you can even buy them as a download. I have had hundreds of people use the book Pain Free for all kinds of joint problems. Pete Egoscue has helped hundreds of thousands of people including athletes regain the use of their joints before having an operation to replace the muscle. I personally regained the ability to walk on my left knee that had gone completely bad and I couldn't even put 10 pounds of weight on it.


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25 Feb 2018 20:59 #57722 by Dawna
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I actually learned something from a doctor about knee pain, so I'll pass it along...
Stand in front of the mirror - do your knee caps point inwards, outwards? They should point dead straight ahead. If they point inwards or outwards you need an little insert in your shoes, called "cants", rubber thingy which shifts your feet to the correct position, wow, knee pain gone instantly!
If knee caps point inwards then the cants need to lift the inside of your feet, just put them in and check the caps to make sure they are right.
Foot Smart, or other catalogs sell the cants. You could possibly make it out of some rubber material, but I buy mine.
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