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29 Oct 2017 23:37 #56613 by LaKidd
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Hi All - Been a few months since I've looked in and posted. I have stage four breast cancer. I did have lots of mets to my spine and hip bones. However, over the last year I used black salve to successfully remove 22 cancer lesions out of my spine and hip bones. My PET scans prove it to be true!

However, the salve only works when I know right where the lesions are, and only if the salve can sink straight down onto the lesion. Since my PET shows I have lesions in both hip sockets where the salve cannot go, I have been using MMS1, MMS2, and DMSO. And I think it's working too.

The question I have pertains to pain caused by MMS protocols. Now please understand that the pain I have I consider to be a GOOD thing because without the pain I would not know where the tumors are for sure. My oncologist goes over every PET scan with me in detail, and we even mark on a skeleton illustration where they are. However, the PET scan cannot find lesions (tumors) smaller than about 5mm in size. Further, even with the PET scan it is hard to pinpoint some of them. The black salve has drawn out several cancer lesions too small to be found by PET scans.

My oncologist told me on more than one visit that when cancer dies it can hurt. She said that unless the tumor is pressing on a nerve or something sensitive, it causes no pain as it grows until it gets to a good size or is doing some damage somehow. So I do feel bone pain from my bone mets. When this happens I apply the black salve over the spot. When the salve "hits" it kills the cancer within 24 hours and then the pain goes away. I always feel such relief! In fact when the pain goes away I know the cancer is dead, even before the tumor comes out through my skin ( which is not real painful by the way). Small tumors drawn out by the salve don't hurt much, but when you use salve on larger tumors it is very painful, cannot really be done without pain killers. But you know for sure the cancer is dead!

I think MMS works opposite in me compared to the salve. When MMS is working my tumors start to hurt, and I have to be careful how many drops I take, or even stop because the pain gets real bad. HOWEVER! After a few days the pain goes away and I feel great. When I have felt the pain on the MMS, and when it happens in a spot I can "hit" with the black salve, nothing happens with the black salve. Thus it seems the MMS is indeed killing the cancer, and the tumors are dead before I apply the salve. I think the pain is caused when the tumors die, and that is a good thing.

I have had no chemo, no radiation, no surgery and only take one drug, an aromatase inhibitor - which I do not think is working. But I take it anyway so that my oncologist will think it is working. I do not want the oncology team knowing that I use black salve and MMS - yet. They get all excited after a PET scan shows the cancer is gone where it used to be and I used the salve. Of course so do I, but I know it is not the drug. I had a large tumor on my upper femur. The doc wanted me to come in for radiation for 14 days in a row, which I said NO! to. In that same 14 days I took that tumor out with the black salve.

But like I said, I cannot reach all tumors with the black salve. Further, I know it would hurt very much to use it on my primary breast tumor as it is a larger tumor. So when a tumor is dying it does hurt.

Thus I ask this group the following question; "Can you tell your tumors are dying when the pain starts? And does that pain pass in a few days?"

Yes, I have read two books by Jim Humble. I have his lastest print book, and his 2016 ebook, and have read them over. What I remember him saying is that the pain goes away after a few days on MMS. But since I start out NOT having pain, then take the MMS and get pain, I think it works in reverse for me. Pain is my guide. Further, the MMS for me works best when I add in the DMSO. Then it really goes to work. I cannot take the full 3 drops of DMSO per drop of MMS as it works TOO well! Hurts bad. So I experiment with the number of drops in my MMS. I do not use more than a 2 or 3 drop dose of MMS as that is all I can handle.

I use the MMS with DMSO all day. The pain starts after two days. The pain only happens in spots I know I have small tumors, no other part of my body hurts, only the tumors. If the pain is on a spot on a bone I know I can reach with the black salve, I use the salve to finish off the tumor. But every time I use the salve on a spot that the MMS and DMSO put in pain, nothing happens, no tumor comes out, I do not get an eschar. I am taking this as proof that the MMS with DMSO is working. Black salve only works on living cancer cells. I will keep you posted. Thanks for your thoughts!

I have had serious "terminal" cancer now for almost two years. I still look normal, still live a normal life. I have tried many many alternative cancer treatments, but for me it is black salve for sure, and it looks like MMS with DMSO is reaching spots that the salve cannot.
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30 Oct 2017 07:54 #56615 by Jim Humble
Replied by Jim Humble on topic MMS Killing Cancer & Pain From
Hello LaKidd,
I have read your write up on the cancer you have, and your successes you have had so far. I want to commend you on your bravery so far. What you have done is amazing. Keep it up. Maybe I can help you a little or even a lot. You just have to keep up the brave work. First thought is that hourly doses are important--at least 10 hours a day, as you know MMS only lasts in the body for one hour or about that. It's important that you continue without interruption of hours or days. When the pain starts, yes the cancer tumor may be dying, but it generally indicates too much MMS. In my opinion, after working with thousands, is that you should always reduce your intake of activated MMS by 50% when the pain starts and if it continues reduce the MMS by another 50%. You can then after a few days try to build back up your dose again, but if there is too much pain, reduce it. Be consistent with what you can tolerate.

The next thought is that MMS2 is also very important when fighting cancer. Read Protocol 2000 in the MMS Health Recovery Guidebook. Normally use capsules size 1 or size 0, start with 1 and eventually use 0. Take them every two hours but on the half hour between MMS1 doses. Start with 1/4 capsule or even less. You probably read it, but MMS2 converts almost completely to hypochlorous acid which is the acid your own body creates to kill cancer and dozens of other things. Very important. But read and study over Protocol 2000 in the MMS Health Recovery Guidebook (my 2016 book).

Next thought, this may be tough, but you have proven to be tough. Keep it up and when you are 100 send me a letter for the people who will follow. The next step after Protocol 2000 is protocol 3000 and that is rubbing MMS 1 along with DMSO into your skin every hour as long as it doesn't make your skin sore. If it does, rest for a day or two and allow your skin to regenerate. When MMS goes into your blood through your skin it does a different job and I have not found that it will increase the pain or cause Herxheimer reaction. You have my ebook you said, so you can read the details in the book.

Next thought, many women have noticed that douches with MMS are a definite help with getting over breast cancer. The instructions are in the book that you have and the douches should start as soon as possilbe, even before the Protocol 3000.

Next thought, one or two or three "bag" treatments per day in addition to all the above would also probably help. The bag is where you bathe your whole body in MMS gas, no water, just gas. Again the instructions are in the book, but let me warn you, do not burn your skin with the gas. The instructions in the book take that into account (in other words, do not stay in the bag too long—follow the instructions, but if you are under the time limit, even still, the minute you feel any kind of a slight burn on your skin get out of the bag immediately.

So you see, you need to attack it from different directions. Allowing MMS1 to get directly into the blood through the skin does different things to overcome the poisons in your body.

Next thought, enemas are also important. The enemas cause MMS to go directly into the blood in yet another way to do other things. But remember, do not use DMSO when doing enemas. The DMSO can carry poisons from the colon into the blood as well, so just MMS1 for the colon.

I hope this helps. Really push it hard, but don't allow yourself to make yourself sick from the MMS1, or any MMS. If you feel you are getting sick or nauseous back off, but don't stop. Remember, reduce the intake of MMS by 50%. Remember the 3 Golden Rules in the book, especially golden rule #1 "If you are getting better, don't change anything." Don't take more MMS, don't take less MMS. Don't take more water, don't take less. Don't change anything. Getting better is possible but it is a delicate thing and when it happens, don't experiment and don't change. Keep doing what you are doing.

Finally, as always, we wish you good fortune along the way, and with love.

Jim Humble

Archbishop Jim Humble
My Books: | Homepage:
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01 Nov 2017 02:37 #56627 by Dawna
Replied by Dawna on topic MMS Killing Cancer & Pain From
Hi LAKidd,
I really liked reading your post as I haven't read anyone saying the MMS caused pain before, and that is what happened to me too. As soon as I swallow - the pain is intense - right exactly where my cyst is, to me it means the mms found it's mark, and the pain is no big deal as it only lasts a minute. But it didn't mean it killed the cyst, it took me months for the pain to stop. I wonder if Jim doesn't think you feel sick when you take it, as that is what he told us at the seminar, if you feel sick then cut back, but pain in the spot of concern - I think - means it is working, if the pain lasts for a long time then that could mean something else.
Sounds like you have really figured it out !! I commend you!

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02 Nov 2017 05:49 #56639 by Cari
Replied by Cari on topic MMS Killing Cancer & Pain From
When Jim says if you feel sick to "cut back" he is referring to if you are experiencing a Herx reaction and it's strong--the idea is not to make yourself "sicker" than your sickness is already making you. In this case cut back--but do not stop taking MMS. Cut back until you feel like you can build back up, or you find what you are able to handle and stick with that.
It can be a delicate process--it is important to listen to your body--it is true that sometimes feeling the pain may be an indication that the MMS is hitting the mark and it's working. Often times in the healing process, things seem to get a little worse, before they get better--it's the process of killing pathogens, detoxing, the the body cleaning out the toxins, and so on--one might experience various discomforts during this process.


Jim Humble's MMS Books
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02 Nov 2017 19:52 #56643 by masoomi
Replied by masoomi on topic MMS Killing Cancer & Pain From
Hello LAKidd , I also have tumor in my left breast , and is long time i am using mms , i have lots of pain and my tumor , is moving toward the skin and i feel it some how want to jump out of my skin . i want to use black salve , but i was searching for some body like you , to give me advise . please let me know from where i can buy the best qulity and how and how long i can use to help me the best .
thanks Parvin

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07 Nov 2017 07:01 #56655 by Cari
Replied by Cari on topic MMS Killing Cancer & Pain From
You might try these sites:

For Indian herb (basically same as black salve) out of the US:

for Black Salve out of Australia:


Jim Humble's MMS Books
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15 Nov 2017 18:26 - 15 Nov 2017 18:27 #56698 by depassage298
Replied by depassage298 on topic MMS Killing Cancer & Pain From
Dear Lakidd
From where do you buy a good quality black salve ?

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15 Nov 2017 19:36 #56700 by CLO2
Replied by CLO2 on topic MMS Killing Cancer & Pain From
As I recall from reading Jim's latest book, he gives links where to buy Black Salve. Also, check BUY MMS link on this page. Some sellers carry Black Salve.

2 ml of 3000 ppm original CDS equals a 1 drop MMS1 dose in a normal stomach
Websites: *
Instructional Videos:
Instructional Videos:
Answers to many questions are in Jim Humble's books:
How to use CDS, CDH in Protocols:

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16 Nov 2017 05:16 #56707 by depassage298
Replied by depassage298 on topic MMS Killing Cancer & Pain From
I checked in all the links, couldn't find anywhere Black Salve.
Any other link?

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