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WPS 26 Aug 2021 20:58 #70676

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Im with you friend. Im just a lowly aircraft mechanic. What could I possibly know about health.
I try to be as healthy as possible, and I have been. I'm 60 now and take no medications, except mms.
It is very frustrating at times, especially with "covid" . Knowing what we know and not be able to much about it.
The way I view life is we are spiritual beings in human bodies. Nothing can hurt me. This life in body is just a blink of eye, so we need to make the most of it.

You may also enjoy all of the books I mentioned earlier. The 'Forbidden' Health book is a good way of informing others about MMS because it has data, science of how it works, and explains a lot. It also includes other great molecules that cure as well.

Your comment about the spirit also made me think of the other book about the pandemic I mentioned. It looks at the whole pandemic from the spiritual perspective!

I feel your frustration.. Ive lost count of the number of times Ive tried to tell people about MMS and they responded with ''It's BLEACH!' OR 'That sounds like you're drinking bleach...'

If I remember correctly, the 'Unmasking God's Truth' book, although did not mention MMS, it did briefly mention iodine! Even that could end this plandemic...and many people say iodine is a poison, and do not understand it.

I think iodine used in the body with selenium (so we become sufficient), and MMS used at different times is a very potent health defense system!

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