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TOPIC: HPV 1 and 2

HPV 1 and 2 19 Sep 2014 03:28 #47446

That was really good information at the link you gave, thanks. Actually after the 21st day of doing the protocol 1000+ I went into the maintenance doses and on the 4th day of that... I had and have another Out Break!!!! :angry:
I must have been doing something incorrect. I am wondering if this virus is a parasite that lay larvae (eggs) and would have to be treated like a bug that lays their Larvae and dies when you kill it but the eggs hatch in a few days afterwards and this is what's happening???? Just a thought. Well I've been doing the same Protocol again and into the 2nd week but this time I was using juices due to the awful after taste the activated MMS has... today I saw a video on YouTube that says not to use anything that has Ascorbic or Citric Acids in it and wouldn't you know it, all the juices I'd been using this time all have that in them... that really sucks. Not quitting though, I'll just have to put up with the god awful taste using it with water til I find something else to use. I will also go out and gather what I'll need to try CDS, they say it doesn't taste as bad.

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HPV 1 and 2 13 May 2017 03:52 #55628

I new to this protocol, but have ordered the products and will start off with one drop for each 8 hrs - 2 days. Then try to move up to 2 drops for 2 days. Then 3 drops for 1 day and go from there based on how I feel. I have been eating holistically and have detoxed over the last few years, but probably (after saying all that) will get sick as heck. It is different when you are taking a medicine and don't know how your body will react. I saw where someone had to go to the 2nd protocol for herpes 2, so I anticipate if after a couple of months nothing happens...vamping it up to the higher level. I have had herpes 2 for over 11 years now..no telling how much I have - but I know there is a very high count. Dieting didn't help and right now I am doing the oregano diet ...that burns like heck. It has been successful though if you place it right on breakouts, but not sure it is doing much as far as curing forever. I haven't been on it long enough to know. The MMS sounds like a more sure way of killing it. Herpes can get in your blood, so I am anticipating that is the better way to go. Even if my herpes is cured by the oregano, I still have bursitis in my arm and have constant pain. Also, I cannot lift my arm very high. There are little nit picky things going on in my body as well. I am hoping MMS can straighten all of it out. Most everything is either fungus, bacteria, or viral. I was cured from pre-diabetes by diet (bitter melon and eating raw), but that can come back if you start eating bad again. Maybe MMS can permanently cure that as well. I guess that I just need guidance on how to proceed - with the drops and the timeframe for the herpes. Also, if I need to think about doing the second level MMS 2 right off the bat or not. I just want to knock this disease out asap. Thank you for any help that you have for someone new to this. Thank you so much! Julie

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HPV 1 and 2 13 May 2017 17:02 #55635

Julie, Protocol 1000 is here and note that it says BEFORE you start P1000, follow the Starting Procedure first! Another point is that you may not need to ever reach 3 drops per hour of MMS1. Some have recovered from stage 4 cancer using less than 3 drop MMS1 doses.

Another version of the Starting Procedure is here .
2 ml of 3000 ppm original CDS equals a 1 drop MMS1 dose in a normal stomach
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