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Urgent help regarding MMS, please respond! 17 Sep 2023 21:27 #79960

  • Enoch
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Fenbendazole might be ok by itself. Many people have had great results with it. I would certainly give it a go.
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Urgent help regarding MMS, please respond! 19 Sep 2023 20:25 #79970

  • Kol
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Hi Enoch,

After some searching, I came across these:

I'm thinking of going to healnavigator and getting a consultation. Does anyone here have experience with them? Was it a positive experience?

Seriously considering fenbendazole right now, but I just want to do it right. That's why I'm thinking of a consultation. Fortunately, it looks as if fenbendazole can be taken in powdered form in yogurt or something else plus I don't see any real dietary changes that need to go along with it - again, certain changes like avoid white sugar/avoid processed foods is one thing, but the patient has already had so much weight loss, something like just juicing does not seem to be the right thing for them.
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Urgent help regarding MMS, please respond! 30 Sep 2023 20:31 #80016

  • BillPopMMS
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As per Jim Humble's "MMS Health Recovery Guidebook",
you can apply through the skin with DMSO, and baths, and/or foot baths,
are an option (our skin is our largest organ), and he doesn't mention it,
but naval (belly button) is often used as a good entrance to the body.

Also, "under the tongue", as long as the pH is fairly neutral.

CDS MIGHT be preferable to Acid-Activated SCS+HCl MMS1.

Some of the other things mentioned here MIGHT help, but, typically,
they work for some people and not others, and they work well for some people
and not at all for others.

Whereas "MMS" mostly works well for everybody for "all things".

That is what makes it stand out among all the rest.

Its efficacy is unparalleled.
NOTE: Any and all information supplied in online or offline communications that pertains to,
mentions, replies to inquiries about, and/or involves a discussion of, the information on my website,
ASpoonfulOfMedicine.com, falls under the Disclaimer on my website.

CHP – The Clean Health Protocol

You will find info there regarding Jim Humble's "MMS Health Recovery Guidebook".

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