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Tobacco user 22 Jun 2023 10:43 #79098

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You're being Purposely (?) Obtuse and thereabouts.

It is basically IMPOSSIBLE to PROVE that "Smoking Causes Cancer". (or does not)

I think I pointed this out before.

However, GOOD studies and research over DECADES have shown through a
Preponderance of Statistical Scientific Evidence that Smoking MOST LIKELY is,
at the VERY LEAST, a STRONG Causative Factor in Lung Cancer, and other Cancers.
(same with eating Animal Flesh, and Animal Products, etc....)

So people who strenuously claim that "They haven't proved that Smoking Causes Cancer"
are basically just exhibiting rather extreme Biased Ignorance. (and to a ONE, ALL of the
people I have had this discussion / argument with over the years were Smokers, which is not a surprise)

But, at some point you just have to Agree to Disagree.
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A short history of lung cancer proves me right. The fact that tobacco has been smoked for over 4000 years yet lung cancer only appeared during the industrial revolution and that smoking tobacco was used to treat lung issues by ancient cultures again proves the folly in pushing the smoking causes cancer lie.
I simply follow the facts. Call that what you will.

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Tobacco user 22 Jun 2023 13:10 #79114

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There is a big difference between pure tobacco and what is in the cigarettes of today. Tobacco, like most plants, is medicinal. Nicotine is the predominant substance in tobacco and was purported as being addictive. Since all, or the vast majority, of our cells have nicotine receptors that hypothesis made a lot of sense. Harvard set out to measure how addictive nicotine was and ended up discovering that nicotine was not addictive at all. Ironically, only 2% of all CV cases, hospitalizations, and deaths were among smokers...the opposite of what was claimed would be the case at the onset of the supposed pandemic. It turns out nicotine displaces the spike protein which binds to the nicotine receptors, thus reducing the possibility of infection, hospitalization, and death.

As for cancer, it is widely known (and accepted in academic circles) that the added ingredients in cigarettes are addictive and carcinogenic. Tobacco on its own is not a problem, the highly processed varieties are toxic and should be avoided...much like all the fake food like products in grocery stores. As in all things the amount of anything can prove to be detrimental to the human body. Ancient societies used tobacco in rituals and as a medicine and not as an all day every day item. It's no different than eating cake 10-20 times a day, eventually you may encounter a problem unless you are metabolically optimal which is why there are examples of old school farmers etc smoking 3 packs of filter less cigarettes a day and living well into their 90s...I happened to be fortunate enough to know one such man. He, of course, would say that the idea of smoking causing cancer was hogwash. I also happened to know someone who died from lung cancer due to smoking. One smoker farmed a multi-acre field by hand with a hoe and the other had a cushy office job...you be the judge.
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