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is the pandemic a scam 31 Jul 2020 13:00 #65420

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Dr Buttar and others have said "anyone that has had a flu jab will test positive for corona because its in the jab they put in your body" He also talks about the crazy situation of mixing positive an negative people in the same quarantine areas. Loads info on you tube, brighteon bitchute and others
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is the pandemic a scam 01 Aug 2020 04:13 #65429

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is the pandemic a scam 03 Aug 2020 13:31 #65464

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Very interesting discussion going on.

Allow me to chime in.

What we are witnessing is definitely part of a planned agenda. There is no doubt about it.

I would only hope, that the people that are a part of this forum, already know that the MSM can not be trusted.

You already know that all the MSM are owned by the same group of people. These people own many more things, and they profit from human suffering, including the vaccines. But making money is not the end goal. They already have tons of money. What they want is absolute control.

When people are told this, they violently oppose it. And quite frankly I am sick and tired of such people's skepticism. Basically the majority of people are programmed robots, these people can include people from your own family, colleagues, friends, neighbours etc. I can't tell you how many people I've come across, and I actually feel sorry for them. If you speak to people of such things, they look at you like you are crazy or stupid, but how wrong they are, it is the other way around.

This topic almost becomes a debate between an atheist vs theist etc, and people's world views hardly ever changes as they are deeply rooted in each person. So unless the person is prepared to completely confront their psyche in its totality, speaking to people about the truth is pointless. These people would very much prefer to retire into the caves of their minds and rest in the comforts of their false beliefs.

Asking people to distrust the government is like telling them to betray their parents. How is it so unfathomable to these people that the government and people in power are not your friends. Have they never heard of Hitler, Stalin, Mao. Mao alone had killed 78 million people. It's happened before, and is already continuing to this day. It's part of eugenics and population control, which people like Bill Gates are a proponent of.

If people like Bill Gates really cared about the well being of people, they would be giving MMS to people in africa and not vaccines. Or instead of giving vaccines they would be helping the country to develop, or give food and other things. Not vaccines. These people don't give a shit about people.

It is absolutely true that this Covid-19 is not a virus. And I agree, yes fear and stress can cause these symptoms, but the fear and stress came after the first people were "found" to be infected. However, RamGrass if you believe that fear and stress can cause this(which I agree with you), than you must also be open to the idea that 5G causes electromagnetic stress on our bodies which is very subtle. I don't know why people find the 5G and coronavirus theory so hard to believe. One of the reasons that the 1918 Spanish flu happened is because of the radio waves which started being used in that year. The fact that 5G is being pushed onto the public without adequate testing, they were even installing it while we were in lockdown, speaks volumes. Why the heck has 5G been made to be a big deal. If you already have fibre optic broadband, 5G is completely unnecessary. 5G is all about having even faster internet on the mobile phones. Why? Because the brainwashed sheeps wants to watch Netflix or play videos games while walking around or on the bus, or during travel, with their faces stuck in a screen. So stupid. Because they talk about IoT, self-driving cars and smart devices, all that bullshit is so necessary to jeopardize our lives. This all enables further control on to an unsuspecting, stupid, ignorant, conditioned, brainwashed, moron public.

5g operates on different bands a low-band, mid-band and high-band. There is nothing stoping them from switching between bands. I've read stupid articles, defending 5G how it operates on a low-band, so its safe and how there is no reason for a high-band frequency. You can find abundant articles of towers operating capabilities at 60Ghz being installed, but everyone is so stupid defending their mama(the government) that no harm will come to us. The US military had already developed long ago the Active Denial System, which uses microwave as a crowd control technology.

Perhaps those people who so vehemently defend 5G should do an experiment. Find a means to get a 5G 60Ghz emitter and install it somehow in your bedroom. Since it so safe, those people shouldn't worry about developing any cough like symptoms.

Now, the Covid-19 tests are bullshit, they haven't even isolated the virus to create the tests, yet are testing people. Because they are using the coronavirus test(not a Covid-19 test which is different). Pretty much anyone who had the flu vaccine, or even the common cold would be tested positive for the coronavirus.

Most doctor's training is based upon the Germ Theory of Louis Pasteur, which is erroneous. Even Pasteur himself admitted that he was wrong on his deathbed and his rival, a much more intelligent man called Antoine Bechamp's Cellular Theory is the correct one. However Pasteur, who actually worked for the government, had a lot of backing. Today, if more people knew about Bechamp, the governments would lose any excuse for the lockdown. There would be no reason for face masks, no reason to fear cash(which they are trying to get rid of for the cashless society). And most importantly there would be no need for vaccines.

It is true, viruses don't really exist. These are exosomes, created by the body itself, which happens in highly toxic environments. Toxicity includes the electromagnetic soup that we are living in, fear and stress, lifestyle, dietary and nutritional deficiences etc.
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