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TOPIC: Liver cancer & MMS

Liver cancer & MMS 22 Oct 2017 23:53 #56581

I took one single size 0 capsule, half full, which is suppose to be equal to one 3-5 drop dosage. Immediately when I swallowed it my cyst would hurt - like someone stabbed me with a knife, people would say "that must scare you!" No, it didn't at all, as I felt it meant the mms works very fast and it found it's target, after about three months there was no pain at all.

Always take with distilled water, I mixed some Martinelli's apple juice in the water for flavor, other apple juices may work the same, but I read that it has no added anything.

I've told three doctors about it and they all give the capsules to their family, they say "all it does is oxygenate your cells, the bad cells die, you could take a whole lot more than a capsule, the worst that would do is make you throw up".

If I was FF I would give my wife three a day, morning, afternoon and evening, working up to that. But I am just guessing....
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Liver cancer & MMS 06 Nov 2017 21:41 #56651

HI every one,
Am back to tell every one about these incredible 5 wks.
My wife was in terminal phase liver cancer with full mets to her spine. Her whole liver was full of mets and had doubled in size..
She was in the hospital, could barely eat or walk to the bathroom, lost most muscle mass and her symptoms where slowly shutting down.
I was secretly giving her mms (docs could take it away) at the hospital but could only get max 1 drop an hour. She was not really getting better and developed an ascites.
I could not get more MMS into her (she was getting terrible stomach upsets plus vomiting plus terrible nausea.
I had read that CDS passed better and tried it when we got home and it passed better. I immediately got her on the CDS protocol with much high doses and she did do one round of xeloda ( for specific reasons).
she suffered terribly for 2 weeks from side effects and die off but at the same time was getting better slowly
To give you an idea: At the the hospital Her tumor markers15.3 where 2200 ..yes 2200! and her asat/alat/ggt where sky high "catastrophic " the doc said...

Well after her two weeks her markers had dropped to 1400, her asap,alap, ggt where back to high but not alarming.
She had a week OFF of xeloda, but we cont. CDS and the markers , asat, alap, ggt and pretty much all the other values on her blood kept on going down with . After three weeks she was up walking eating much better and her functions where working also better.
Now five weeks in.
Her markers are at 600, alap is normal , asat a bit high but ok, GGT a bit high but going down and every other value are almost in the norm.
She is walking 2-3 times a day 1or 2 miles , eating very well...and feeling well everyday.
We are optimistic of course and we know it is far from over, but coming from where she was it is already a miracle.
We would just like to thank Jim and all the people around him for having brought ClO2 into the light with the knowledge of how to use it.
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Liver cancer & MMS 07 Nov 2017 06:54 #56654

Dawna, What did you put in the capsule? Was it activate drops of MMS? Or did you take MMS2? Would really appreciate if you can clarify this. Thanks tons! --Cari

Jim Humble's MMS Books

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Liver cancer & MMS 27 Jul 2018 14:22 #58816

I have lots of cysts in liver and in my kidneys, they are liquid as yours. I would love to try MMS so I am trying to get a grasp on how o proceed. Did you use MMS or MMS2? And how much? Thank you!

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