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DMSO: Dimethyl sulfoxide: Ingested or used topically
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question diluting 99.9 % dsmo 23 Feb 2018 15:09 #57683

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you don't want the dropper with the rubber squeeze bulbs - it will melt those over time.

ok.. so even the fumes of the dmso will melt the rubber ball, even if the liquid never comes into contact with it? What do you suggest to produce droplets? Will that rubber end up in the drops? thx.

I'm also wondering about this. I've been using DMSO with a dropper, but the DMSO never touches the rubber bulb. Is this ok?

Also, I'm a bit confused about dilutions (for topical use). I'm seeing a wide range of recommended dilutions...

Jim's latest book, for example, suggests in one place: 1 part mms1, 1 part water, 6 parts dmso (protocol 3000). In another place (patch protocol) it's 2 parts mms1, 1 part water, 1 part dmso. In a third place (spray protocol) it's 1 part mms1 to 75 parts water. And the children's topical protocol is even more diluted mms1 in water, with a large (proportionate to mms1) amount of DMSO.

Outside of that, I read a study where cancer was successfully treated in rats using a solution of 1 part tea tree oil (TTO) to 9 parts DMSO. Other places have suggested 1 part TTO to 1 part DMSO, and even others called for 6 or more parts TTO to 1 part DMSO.

These ratios are all over the place, and I'm not seeing any rhyme or reason as to which is optimal for which circumstances (other than the obvious, like more diluted for children), or what specific effects changing the ratios has.

Any clarity that can be provided on this topic would be helpful.

Also, Jim supports the use of undiluted DMSO (even though water is still often involved) as do others I have found, while I have read that 50-70% DMSO is superior for topical use.......

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