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Updates from the Genesis II Church and the 2 Bishops that are still in Jail (22 July 2020) 23 Jul 2020 07:29 #65310

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Received this G2C Newsletter at t.me/G2Voice

Today, Tuesday we had a conference call with the judge and the attorneys involved in the case of the United States vs the Genesis II Church and its four Bishops. Joseph and I were on the call and could not be heard very well so we have to respond by Monday the 27th to the judge in writing. Now, we have a defense counsel that will be sending in defense documents and corresponding with the lawyers. You will be glad to know who this man is because he has helped many people. His name is David Straight. Please watch this video and LISTEN to what he is saying and warning us about:
David Straight - Arkansas Class 1 of 3. It is fascinating how much this man knows about real law. Laws that will protect the church and all of us as men and women created in the image of God. Pray for the documents he is filing and pray for him.

Bishop Jonathan and Jordan have now been in jail for 14 days, it is tough on them from being free to now being in a cage! Jonathan even also had high blood pressure problems which is strange as he is strong as an ox. They tell me the food is so salty and processed that it is causing them to not feel very unhealthy. So, jail life is already affecting them physically. Pray that they stay healthy with this toxic food and environment. As far are spiritually, they are doing very well holding bible studies, prayer, and worship. All of us have no record in the U.S. criminal system whatsoever. It is ridiculous to have these men incarcerated without bail. The system is not only broken and evil, but downright satanic. This is one reason why God brought us David to be our defense. The man is a Bible believer and a genius as far as history and law goes.  

We have closed for the time being the following sites: newg2sacraments.org, g2churchnews.org, genesis2church.is, and g2voice.is. The G2Voice Broadcast will be suspended until further notice, and this we hate! But we are trying to keep the peace for the sake of Jonathan and Jordan. Some people have a dead man switch to tell the world what is happening after they die. We have a  live man switch to tell the world why these things are happening to us while we are alive. All my books are free online to download at this time. Please share with the whole world the following link www.g2churchbooks.org . Also, we are contemplating starting another weekly broadcast that has nothing to do with MMS, Chlorine Dioxide or sharing where to obtain the Sacraments. This broadcast will focus on Scriptural teachings and current affairs that affect us all. By order of the FDA, we have also been told to tell all of our members to stop the use of our Genesis II Church labels and providing MMS and HCL which creates chlorine dioxide.

Things can be reversed back to the way they were if we can get this Permanent Injunction stopped. Please pray that is what happens sooner than later. There is no reason for us to be in this situation other than the FDA wanting to control their very profitable monopoly and that of Big Pharma. The FDA has a Dunn and Bradstreet number which means they are a corporation! We are fighting a corporation! The craziest thing about this case is that there are no victims. The FDA and the USA are supposed to protect victims and there are no victims. The FDA is not a victim, the USA is not a victim. So who are they protecting, a very profitable corporation? Where are the claims, testimonies, and affidavits given under penalty of perjury? They do not exist. This is an act of treason against the Republic for the United States of America and the U.S. Constitution!

Please help us raise money for David and his helper’s expenses. We are fighting for the health freedom of us all! We want our God-given right to put what we choose into our bodies and not what the FDA approves to be put into our bodies which the majority of the time is toxic. Over 100,000 deaths yearly in the U.S. occur from the FDA ‘approved’ drugs’ taken as prescribed, not to mention overdoses of their toxic approved drugs!

If anyone wants to get a team together to peacefully protest at the Pinellas County jail in Tampa Bay, Florida Please contact me before to make sure they have not been moved! email: mark at protonmail dot com

www.freethegrenons.com Lets change the world together health wise. Bishop Mark S. Grenon & Bishop Joseph T. Grenon
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