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Sleep 06 Feb 2020 21:04 #62371

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Is there a way that MMS can help my sleep? ( lack of)

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Sleep 06 Feb 2020 22:48 #62373

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Hi BL, there are lots of reasons for why people can't sleep. Drinking too much coffee, heavy late evening meals, medication, lack of exercise, magnesium deficiency, stressful relations etc.
MMS may not be able to help all this.

It helps to know what causes the sleepless nights.
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Sleep 22 Feb 2020 16:10 #62544

  • BobJ
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If you have parasites you will have a hard time falling asleep, and once asleep frequently you will have nightmares or awaken often. They talk about thread worms in children, and how they can pick up this parasite at day care centers, and once infected the whole family should be treated.

They never talk about an adult being infected with thread worms (pin worms), however speaking from experience, they do affect an adult not being able to fall asleep. One symptom of thread worms are itchy nose, ears, dry cough and any sudden urgent need to scratch your butt. Activated MMS does kill thread worms (pin worms), although the process is slow, because they replicate so rapidly; a female lays over 10,000 eggs at one time, and there are a lot of them.


If you have a dog that frequently licks your face you may have round worms, hook worms or giardia.

After 3 days on the 3 drop MMS/3 drop HCL protocol every hour for eight hours each day, pin worms were visible and there were lots of them. I stayed on the protocol for 21 days, around the ten day mark, other parasites, including larger round worms, covered in biofilm came out.


If this is the case MMS will definitely help.

Falling asleep

One trick I found that works, which may help you fall asleep; however there is a slight downside to it, although it may not affect you the way it did me. I told someone else about it and it worked for them too. However that person had the same downside as I did. But even with the downside, many times, this far out weighs the discomfort and anxiety of tossing and turning all night, looking at your watch and it is 4:30 A.M.

Emotional thoughts

Two different types of thought that we have; " logical" thought which we use to solve problems or find meaning in our lives, then there is "emotional" thought which is not very productive or helpful..

It is frequently a complainer and worrier that looks back at the negative in the past, and also projects potential negative outcomes for the future. The complainer and worrier is the one that may still be active at 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning. Constant thought balloon's that serve very little purpose, some examples are, " I cannot believe how rude that cashier was to me, last week", "I wonder why they texted me that message, what were they thinking?", "That girlfriend/boyfriend 10 years ago was so thoughtless how could they do that to me?" They are ego driven "emotional" thoughts that shift from subject to subject keeping you awake at night. They are difficult to subdue, we all have them, but being aware of these "emotional" thoughts may help.

If you are focused on something else, those "emotional" thoughts will no longer be prominent.

Most people see splashes of colors and flashes of light on a not-quite-jet-black background when their eyes are closed. It's a phenomenon called phosphene, and it boils down to this: Our visual system — eyes and brains — don't shut off when denied light.

Paragraph 2


Focus on the shapes and colors

So now with your eyes closed watch what appears, it may be a spot or color, watch it and see if it changes shape and how it moves. Try to look for detail, in the colors and the shape, if an "emotional" thought pops up, acknowledge it as being not important, then go back to your focus on the splashes of light and color. They seem to last a few seconds or more. After a while these shapes, become more detailed and begin to shift into photo's, of random things, asphalt as if you are looking straight down at it, items on your desk, or the sky with clouds, almost photographic detail. Images progressively becoming clearer and clearer.

Random photographic images, lasting just a few seconds

These photographs pop up, with the same randomness, and the same rate as the "emotional" thoughts, lasting for a few seconds or longer until another photograph replaces it. If an "emotional" thought pops up, acknowledge it, as being unimportant then go back to your focus on the splashes of light and color. Observe them, they will begin to morph into photographs, of increasing detail, each lasting for a few seconds. Now from the photographs they morph, into extremely short lucid dreams, distinct voices and glimpses of people in detail you are sitting on the front steps of a house, you see colors of clothing that they wear... it lasts for a few seconds.. then another short lucid dream; you are in a forest at night with a full moon...you sense fear..these short lucid dreams last a bit longer each time.

Random lucid dreams of a few seconds

When the details in the photographs increase and the moment you are in your first lucid dream, you may have a feeling of falling, which may cause you to leave this state becoming wide awake. If an "emotional" thought pops up, acknowledge it, as not important, then go back to your focus on the splashes of light and color. The time to enter the few second random lucid dream state is shorter this time. These random few second, lucid dreams will morph into your main lucid dream for the night.

That is the downside, they are lucid dreams and they can be terrifying. Other times, I have avoided the lucidity of it and had a good sleep. I only told one other person about this because he had a problem falling asleep. The next day he told me it worked for him, but the dream was with clear lucidity, he did not know whether it was a dream or actually taking place.

I hope what I have written is of some help to you.

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Sleep 23 Feb 2020 01:57 #62549

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Sometimes, when falling asleep or waking up, I see images of people, almost always in black and white. The people are often moving or talking and are clear enough images that I can see enough details to know that I have never seen any of the people before. Interesting!
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