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MMS and SIBO 08 Jan 2015 16:04 #48740

I just read here in the forum the answer to my last question about Moringa that it should be taken 2 hours after the daily protocol.

Still wanting to know if I should take calcium, magnesium, D3, K for osteoporosis.

Thanks for your help!

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MMS and SIBO 08 Jan 2015 18:59 #48741

Evanir, check out articles on osteoporosis here .

Here is a recent article:

Vitamin D and osteoporosis: How this 'miracle' vitamin can restore optimum bone health in men and women

It is advised not to drink processed milk , but you probably already know that.

Not only did the study's results dispel the myth that drinking milk helps prevent bone fractures, but the more milk women drank, the more fractures they had.

To be sure there is no adverse interaction with MMS1, etc, it would be best to take all supplements 1 hour after your last MMS1 dose of the day.
2 ml of 3000 ppm original CDS equals a 1 drop MMS1 dose in a normal stomach
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How to use CDS, CDH in Protocols: www.mmsinfo.org/infosheets/CDS_CDH_and_Protocols-2.pdf
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MMS and SIBO 09 Jan 2015 03:37 #48746

very good article, thanks !

I don't drink milk, just twice a week I eat small amount of lactose free cheese.
My last Vitamin D test was very good, 65, but it used to be 32, which was low.

I am now in So Cal, in Oceanside, enjoying sunshine, ocean, walking on the beach daily and feeling much better.

Wish I could move here.
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MMS and SIBO 19 Mar 2016 11:18 #51538

Hi Evanir,

I am just wondering if you have had any luck curing your SIBO with MMS? I have had IBS for years and have now been diagnosed with SIBO too....

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MMS and SIBO 14 Jun 2018 18:47 #58623

I have precisely the same question, as my understanding is that MMS will not kill normal or "good" bacteria, and in SIBO, as I understand it, they are normal bacteria that are in the wrong place. I suppose there may also be some not good bacteria, which MMS would certainly help with.

I have had some success with oil of oregano, but nothing permanent. I think it is my fault because I do not do enough to replace the good guys after getting rid of at least some of the bad guys. They say there is a -- whatchacallit -- not a plaque -- anyone, please? -- large flat biomass that is very hard to dislodge. And there are ways suggested to do that. But I also happen to be very, very hard up financially and cannot afford all these different things.
One thing you can do that will help after oil of oregano -- which you have to take several times a day for results, and you have to be sure to get one that has not been diluted, preferably from Greece or Turkey -- is to follow it up with kefir, not commercial kefir, but the kind you make from kefir grains, which you can get on line. I did that for a while, and got tired of the effort, and then our stick blender died, and the only way I could really happily drink it was to blend it with frozen strawberries. But it is much, much better than commercial kefir, having 50+ microorganisms as opposed to the 14 in commercial kefir (which, btw, you can easily make yourself quite a few times from one small bottle of plain kefir, saving lots and lots and lots of money; I mean gallons of kefir from that one bottle.

Then there is water kefir, as opposed to dairy, for those who cannot tolerate dairy. These grains haven't been made in a lab. As far as I know, we haven't succeeded in creating these little critters. The dairy ones look like little cauliflowers, and propagate all the time.

So I am trying MMS again, but haven't gotten very far, and wonder the very same thing that you do. Are they god guys in the wrong place, which MMS will then not kill?

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MMS and SIBO 14 Jun 2018 18:52 #58624

This is actually me again, not knowing yet how to edit. I neglected to say that oil of oregano, at least in me, does not cause fungal overgrowth. In fact it kills fungi. I know for sure it kills nail fungus, but am not positive that it will kill Candida, but it seems quite possible it does, as I had developed Candida from all the antibiotics and now it seems to be gone.

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MMS and SIBO 14 Jun 2018 19:07 #58625

I have celiac disease and cannot eat grains, at least not any that I know of. Some celiacs can eat "gluten free" oats, meaning oats not contaminated by going through contaminated equipment, but I cannot eat any of them. And after developing celiac disease, I developed a cross sensitivity to corn, which is actually much worse (it does the same thing to me that wheat does) because, as it is not considered a "major allergen" -- the corn lobby is far too powerful for that; perhaps that is why there are only 8 allergens on that list as opposed to 10, which seems a reasonable number -- it is not labelled. You have to avoid literally hundreds of things that might be made using corn, such as maltodextrin or caramel coloring or other forms of sugar, even glucose, the glucose they use in a hospital. So, no, washing grains will not make them okay for me. We also have lots of GMO foods in the USA, as opposed to the protections they have in Europe. They are not labelled either. You are in South Africa? What is the case with GMOs there?

One very odd thing, they developed a wheat flour in Italy, using fermentation, to break down the gluten protein into something that does not trigger celiac disease. I thought certainly we would import this for all the desperate celiacs in this country. We import other Italian flour. But no, I have not seen a single trace of it.

And as far as allergies, I keep getting more of them. I have Ehlers-Danlos, which means messed up connective tissue and can contribute to leaky gut. So now I'm off eggs, beef, peppers (not sure if it's all peppers or just bell peppers), sorghum (a grain they use in gluten free breads) and some things I'm sure I've forgotten.

I have usually used oil of oregano, but I'm trying MMS this time because I also have ME/CFIDS, and have virus critters running around in me in higher than normal numbers, as my immune system is pretty much non-functional. Haven't had a real cold or flu since 1998, not because I'm healthy, but because my body can't mount a real defensive reaction, with fevers and sniffles and coughs and such. I might have the faintest hint of a sore throat, but it will be gone in one day. I think MMS can surely help with that. Years ago I used a very good colloidal silver, the best I could get, a whole case, taking it constantly. And, while I had been wearing reading glasses for 15 years by then, my vision cleared up COMPLETELY, and I had no need of any glasses for some time. I could not keep up the colloidal silver due to its expense, and my vision is getting pretty bad. I believe that is due to Cytomegalovirus. So I would like to clear out some of these nasties that have set up housekeeping in me for years and years.

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MMS and SIBO 12 Jan 2019 01:01 #59629

hi there, could you please tell me how much of oregano oil I should take for a day and for how long time to get rid of nail fungus? What was your experience? Thanks a lot in advance...

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