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TOPIC: Jim Humble responds to critics

Jim Humble responds to critics 09 Sep 2012 18:40 #22903

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I sent copies of some of the criticisms of Jim Humble that recently appeared on this forum. Here is his response:

Original Message
From: James Humble
To: Michael Harrah
Sent: Sunday, September 09, 2012 9:06 AM
Subject: Re: suppliers list thread on forum


I would appreciate it if you would see that this letter gets to John D. MMSGL and if you can posted on an appropriate place on the forum and any other place you think it should be. I should learn to use the forum, but soon.

First I would like to say that the Spiritis Church is a small church that has been with us every since Jesus Christ was with us at Antioch. I was consecrated into the lineage of Bishops going all the way back to Antioch. Every concentrated Bishop since Antioch is known and recorded in the lineage of bishops as well as is my name and consecration. LOOK UP THE SPIRITIS CHURCH IF YOU WISH.

Among the authorities that Jesus Christ bestowed upon his Bishops at Antioch was and is the authority to found churches. Jesus did not approve of any particular different name for his churches. By Common law a church is simply a group of people who have the same common beliefs and goals. It says nothing about being a religion. This is a well know principle. THE GENESIS 2 CHURCH WAS AND IS THE FIRST CHURCH EVER FORMED FOR THE PURPOSE OF SERVING MANKIND.

My church was formed for the purpose of serving mankind. All Ministers and Bishops heal people as a service to mankind. That is our mandate. Although we do not make a profit, we do make money for the expenses and serving mankind. We are not a religion and hundreds or thousands of people belong to our church who believe in all kinds of other religions, as we are not a religion. We are a church, which is simple a group of people with a common goal, who was formed to be of service to mankind.

Believe what you want about your religion, but don't try to tell us what our church can or can't do as that is not within your authority and/or understanding.

I apologize for the situation where people don't get proper answers to their emails and I understand their frustration. I too have been frustrated of this condition, but there has been for a long time just me handling everything and now I have some help but not nearly enough, however the next phase of the church is about to begin. It has been in the planning stage for a few years, but could not be brought forward any faster than it has.

I have personally answered more than 50,000 emails and my secretaries that have come and gone have answered a total of about twice that. But that isn't enough. A lot better administration is needed and will soon be.

To give you a slight preview of what is to come, sales of MMS and MMS products will be conducted so that there is enough money to hire the personnel that we need and thus we will be able to handle all emails without missing any of them. The church will not make a profit and all moneys will go towards furthering the church or in serving mankind towards bringing a world without disease and other goals of the church.

For those who continuously write and point out that I am a failure because the church does not have money for all the things it needs, let me at least say that the only way I could say we were not making money on the sales of MMS was to not make money on the sales of MMS. It was necessary to spend a few years not making any money from the sales of MMS and in fact not receiving royalties of any kind from MMS. It worked and now MMS is spread world wide. Thousands tried it because I didn't make money from the sales. I received emails from all over the world to that effect.

Now the next phase begins where the church receives a donation tithe on all sales of MMS or MMS products and other products that MMS is responsible for creating sales for. This money will all go towards the expenses of the church and the benefit of Mankind. No individual will benefit, and as the archbishop of the church when I die all the benefits that might have accumulated into my Corporation Sole will become a part of the church.

To all those who have called me a failure without allowing me to explain, I hope this helps a little. Nobody with a cancer cure and other diseases every stayed alive and brought it to the public before so I must not be all that much of a failure, but in any case the future will be what really shows us success or failure. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.

And vain? It has been my experience that no matter what you do to help there are always those who believe it vain. Sure would be nice if everyone thought I was a nice guy, BUT THAT CERTAINLY IS VAIN, IS IT NOT. OH WELL, I GUESS I JUST CAN'T GET BY BEING VAIN.

And remember, when the great scorer comes,

It will matter not whether you won or lost
but rather how you played the game
A quote by Grantland Rice

with love
Archbishop Jim Humble
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Re: Jim Humble responds to critics 09 Sep 2012 21:54 #22925

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I replied to this topic however my post was deleted.

The Admin team for Genesis2forum.org reserves the right to take down any posts that a consensus decides is harmful to the mission of the forum to bring honest and practical information about health alternatives and about how to support them and make them available to free beings everywhere.

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Re: Jim Humble responds to critics 09 Sep 2012 22:44 #22931

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Well said Jim. In the end it all boils down to the man's intent (whoever he/she may be), and I believe that you have an honorable intent with MMS and the proof of this is in everything you have accomplished thus far.

Doing good deeds

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