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The Borax Conspiracy 26 Feb 2013 21:07 #31083

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Try WalMart, in the detergent section.

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The Borax Conspiracy 27 Feb 2013 01:15 #31086

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Hey Mary,
I use two grams per liter also! Your right , I found that to be the right mix for me.

Dozo in Japanese means "help your self or please" Ha!

Anyways,dozo.I am not schooled in chemistry so I cannot go into effects of boric acid and estrogen. The point to be made is the more industrialized a countey,the more stripped,tilled , fertilized, insectasides and pollution. All these destroy boric acid,a chemical we cannot produce. We need it in our veggies!

The less industrialized a nation the less money for these toxins.Theres ALLWAYS money for pollution though sadly enough.

So,dozo, is she on MMS? Can you tell me your progress with that?

I can not give advice, but here's 2 articles written by people much more well versed than I .

....................First a web-site......................


DCA is a natural and CHEAP chemical that is UN-PATENABLE. Just like MMS. Canada university's are doing testing on a shoe string budget. But to pass regulation to be approved for sale it's about 100 million USD.
The testing and videos are on the site and they claim a 70% reduction rate after two weeks of DCA. And lucky you........the test info was on Brest cancer.

Bless you and your wife. I hope I helped.


........................second article..................

10,000 % better cancer cure than chemo

OK... it appears we have diversified and made this a natural remedies thread.
Please find my Prostate cancer journey and the various steps I took to overcome this

Firstly let me say the primary thing is to have a positive attitude. Faith, belief and hope go hand in hand with this. A grateful heart goes along way too. I quickly realised there was always some-else worse off than me…. So I was thankful that I was being found worthy to be tested in a small way. I always choose to look outwards and sought ways to help people in need. I had many sojourns to pacific island countries and community groups to this end. It is amazing how it shrinks your own problems and then they are not a focal point anymore.
My cancer treatment journey:
1) I immediately started taking large doses of antioxidants. Mainly freeze dried Acai berry ….. I used about 1 tablespoon per day every day and still continue to use this… I built up to 3 times a day for a period of time. (A powder used with raw muesli or smoothies….. I had researched this heaps and met the guy that “discovered “and commercialised Acai (pronounced Ah- sigh-ee) from the jungles of the Amazon for western use) ….an extremely interesting journey on its own! It is a complete food and provides all we need….but is reasonably expensive…..I use the Riolife brand here in Australia.
2) The second anti-oxidant choice was Vit C doses…..this same guy did research for heroin addicts and found that large doses of VitC blocked the pathway for heroin effectiveness….so that even when they took it there was no effect…..unfortunately it was around the time the Methadone program was started and the government backed or what the pharmaceutical wanted!!!....there was no money it for them to produce VitC! I started with 500mg tablets (sugarless) once a day, built up to twice a day and then 3 times a day and then for a week or so 4 times a day…..just watch it as it can have an adverse effect on bowel motions….
3) We are fortunate to have very supportive members here on DV. One put me in touch with her personal herbalist. I had a consultation by Skype with this Oriental medicine practitioner (in USA). Some of the devised teas never made it out to me in Australia (as they confiscated by customs in their raw form.) However, the made up potions were acceptable though and these were great….some strange tastes but it felt like something was happening….. The brand used was Golden Flower Chinese Herbs (I had a standard prostate medicine)
4) I took apricot husks (Vit B17) too for 4 months until my source ran out 
5) I cut out all processed sugars, refined flours and High GI foods. Sugar is a big no, no as it feeds cancer tumours. I then turned to alkalising juicing….. I try not to mix fruits with veges when juicing….they are best taken separately.
Dark red/purple veges and fruit (blueberries, pomegranates, Goji, raspberries, blackberries, cranberries etc) are always best from an antioxidant point of view. Here is an example of a typical juice I drank each day… wheat grass (grew my own in trays), with ginger, carrots (red ones where possible), beetroot and kale… a nice potent brew! I tended to avoid the fruits as they had too much sugar, even though they were ‘simple’ and not complex or refined ones. (NB-A very good sweetener source is Agave syrup. Read what Butifldrm posted….. “There are simple sugars out there made by Mannatech called Ambratose” is a great suggestion…. I have not tried this as I did not know it existed! …. Certainly worth a serious look at.)
6) I investigated the pure baking soda idea (an Italian doctor started this….. I chose not to go down the intravenous route as this is a specialist area…backyard jobs are too risky!!! I took it straight - by the teaspoonful trying or in a drink. It is best not to follow after an acid drink/meal as the gas was horrendous!! However you must get the Aluminium free brand’s (Bob’s Red Mill brand…I think that is American??) ….it must be food or pharmaceutical grade baking soda. Check out this video for a website and protocols http://www.youtube.c...h?v=Yl8Y8I_TsjI
7) I’m certain alkalising the body is a critical key to fighting cancer. Check it out on the web there are lots of great ideas to use.
8) I drank heaps of Apple Cidar Vinegar (with mother liqor)….the good quality stuff….. (NB –this appears to be contrary to what was stated above as it is acidic, but it is something I believe helps the body function well. If we had sick cows when I was farming, a dose of this would set them right!)
9) I avoided sugar especially sodas (as too much sugar and the diet ones had carcinogenic products –the artificial sweeteners. I also cut back on other drinks…including alcohol….that was tough!
10) I drank green tea and wheat grass shots only for a while.
11) I drank as much water (non-acidic, usually with a touch of baking soda) as I could handle….especially starting off the day with a glass and a half of water when first awake…. this was crucial.
12) I cooked with pure virgin organic coconut oil only and ate 1 teaspoonful with my raw muesli
13) I ate plenty of fresh asparagus and broccoli
14) I had traditional Chinese acupuncture for 3 months.
15) I cooked and ate a lot of curry based foods…turmeric (is the best) and ginger along with chilli and garlic are all good cancer fighting products. I even supplemented with capsules of these products, especially when travelling.
16) I got in touch with Texasgranny and she put me onto some Limu juice drink (based on brown seaweed…. The active ingredient was Fucoidan from memory. ) Unfortunately for me I had a slight allergic reaction so chose to stop taking it (it may well have been an interaction with all the above stuff I was taking at the same time)…..the fucoidan compound reads very well though.
17) I took large doses of Vit B complexes as well.
18) As a male I also took Selenium liquid and in my case Saw Parmeto liquid (more effective than capsules from an absorption point of view) for the prostate….I’m not sure how/if they are effective on other forms of cancer.
19) I ate simply….mostly veges…barely cooked…I tried not to microwave them if possible. I always choose fresh organic or grown myself! I tried to eat Low GI foods….oats is OK but not as good from an alkalising point of view as Barley products…. I ate this with heaps of fresh blueberries, raspberries and with natural yoghurt. I ate mostly fish (oily) if I craved “meat”
20) I started taking Wild Krill Oil capsules and omega 3 oils
21) I used colloidal silver strategically when I had to fight infection/colds/virus etc as I refused to take antibiotics. Manuka Honey from NZ is very good too as a topical treatment and orally too to aid digestion (and another sugar substitute)
22) I finally tracked down some Sour Sop leaves also called graviola and heaps of other names (thorny custard apple). I made this into a tea without sugar and drank this for nearly 2 months leading up to my MRI….I believe this was the stuff that knocked ‘C’ on the head.
23) Good dark chocolate (75%+ cocoa)…especially chilli chocolate …. Marvellous tasty anti-oxidants for a treat only!!
24) Red wine from time to time!
25) Papaya fruit is excellent to. I understand there are other parts of the plant used for fighting cancer….maybe even a tea…but I did not pursue this avenue.
26) I attempted to get hold of ASEA water a year ago…but it is unavailable in Australia and they don’t ship it here from the USA. I investigated it after contact with Tankdude on DV. It has enormous potential to enhance the effectiveness (acts as a catalyst) of anti-oxidants and promote healing. Check out this website. www.asea.net/usa/
27) Cinnamon. I mainly had as a hot drink steeped for 2 minutes and added Manuka honey. Also great to add to your cooking….sweet or savoury…such as Moroccan style dishes. It apparently reduces cancer cell proliferation. Cinnamon holds promise for various neuro-degenerative diseases, including: Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, brain tumor, and meningitis
28) I also took I teaspoon Cayenne Pepper (sometimes chilli powder) in a shot of water to cleanse my blood system and reduce risk of stroke or heart attack. Excellent for reducing cholesterol plaque build-up. You can take up to 1 x tablespoon, but start by trying it out cautiously in case you are allergic to the active ingredient “capsaicin”. I’m lucky I can tolerate plenty of ‘heat’….watch it don’t burn you twice though!

From the above list I believe the key steps/items are those in: 1; 2; 3; 5; 6; 7; 9; 10; 16; 20; 22; 25 & 26
For prostate cancer then add: 15 & 18
As you can see I like the sledgehammer approach (hit em hard with everything in your arsenal, rather than a refined and slow methodical scientific trial one product at a time with a ‘control’ ….do nothing approach)… cancer sufferers are time short!!
I also took a holistic approach….. I attemped to improve my health by taking long walks (running was not an option), bike rides and swimming in salt water (never chlorine based ones such as hot tubs/spas and swimming pools as these are generally treated with chlorine. Chlorine reacts with the bad cholesterol and forms plaques that clog the arteries.). I remained resolute in my belief that God was/is a healing God and I prayed for blessing on all plants and their derivatives that I took. I choose to socialise only with positive people….that can be harder than you think…. So sometimes I went off on self-appointed retreats just to enjoy nature and be reinvigorated as to how God has made all things fit and work together.
As you can see most things can be done in the comfort of your home (not the acupuncture). I elected to keep my kids informed of my decision to avoid western medicine with a promise that at any time the intermediate tests showed my situation as worsening then I would reconsider my approach as outlined above.
The key was to be disciplined and stick strictly to what you under take to do. Sometimes you need to persevere in order to push through to positive results. Some things need to be started slowly or else the trots occur!! I found it hard to share with some people as they didn’t understand what I was trying to do. Others observed and noticed that you took a different approach to eating and drinking…kudos to those astute friends!
As you can see I tried and added many different treatments to my collection. I’m not sure if a single product was responsible for the success….I believe in my heart there was a catalyst/synergistic effect where they all added to each other’s efficacy and so as a whole they contributed to my well-being. BTW I felt great the whole time….the Acai and Wheat grass shots gave me heaps of energy.
Two days before my MRI my doctor ordered full blood tests for absolutely everything under the sun. The funny thing was when the results came back I had anomalies for most things as they were outside the normal range…generally too high. But I knew they were all naturally derived (potassium found in all good fruits and veges; plus Iron were very high) and could are unlikely to cause a problem with say the heart rhythm’s …. unlike pharmaceutical/chemical derived additives!

I hope this helps someone. Take care and God Bless as you pray through what is right for you to do.
Feel free to message me if you need more info.
Cheers Fly

Read more: dinarvets.com/forums/index.php?/topic/139146-10000-times-stronger-killer-of-cancer-than-chemo/page__st__20#ixzz2K9GFv5y5
The following user(s) said Thank You: Horsefeathers, hilaryj

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The Borax Conspiracy 04 Jun 2013 15:46 #33526

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Hi All
I have just found this fantastic website and have read about the Borax Conspiracy. Can anyone tell me where to buy it in the UK, please? I'd really appreciate it. FYI -It may be much later when I get to read any replies.


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The Borax Conspiracy 14 Mar 2021 06:59 #68266

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is it okay to take borax and mms at the same time or should you wait a couple of hours after your last mms dose?


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The Borax Conspiracy 15 Mar 2021 03:25 #68275

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I would wait until one hour after my last MMS dose of the day to take any supplements. 

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The Borax Conspiracy 15 Mar 2021 10:54 #68278

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Hi there, I recently discovered a supplier in Ireland that delivers to UK for free. I recommend getting 5 or 10 kilos, it really decreases the cost. :) Here's the link. mistralni.co.uk/products/borax-sodium-tetraborate-decahydrate

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